Powerful new features in Dynamics 365 Marketing

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Powerful updates for Dynamics 365 Marketing are upon us with wave 1, and now wave 2 is right around the corner. A summary of features include: reusable content blocks for quick email creation, ability to continue customer conversations by taking action on SMS replies, multiple journey branches for more personalized variations, and new channel analytics dashboard to track delivery and engagement metrics across multiple channels.

Ways to Engage

Create variations of your engagement based on unique properties of your customer type. This might be a different offering that is more relevant to a type of customer vs another, or a variety of image assets that deliver a different aesthetic to your target based on a demographic. Even calls to action can have a variety of options based on the target’s data. AI can also be leveraged based on their profile, but also past interaction data. Compare the results of your journey and if your goal was met using a control group. Your data set for personalizing interactions for your customer is not limited to one area of dynamics. The Dataverse creates a unified data set on your customer across the Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service Product Suite.

It's About the Journey

Get complex without code with your customer journey. Two Journeys can be logically stitched together and Flow actions can be initiated during exceptions to the journey and deliver data to an inhouse representative when a particular event has been triggered.
Having a handle on your customer and making the journey unique to their engagement is not one size fits all. Moments-based features allow for specificity that makes your customer journey meaningful.

For example, the granular details of a particular trigger can be the defining line between a customer that has abandoned their cart with $5 of items in the cart versus the Customer that has abandoned a cart with $100.00 of items. Having logic to incentivize a customer based on their unique engagement can make the difference between the browsing customer vs a customer that is nearly to the finish line and is comparing you to your competitors. Maybe all the $100 customer needs is a little nudge with a $20 coupon to make all the difference. Continue reading on www.beringer.net


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