JourneyTEAM’s Dynamics 365 Sales Quick Start Implementation Program

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Discover how to deploy Dynamics 365 Sales and Marketing with confidence with JourneyTEAM's Sherpa Program, our proven quick-started guided implementation process. JourneyTEAM also offers Sherpa programs in implementing Dynamics 365 Business Central and Power Apps.

Just as a Sherpas empower climbers to summit Mount Everest, JourneyTEAM does the same with organizations looking to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. The implementation process can be overwhelming, difficult, and require careful, significant planning—no matter which tool is being implemented. That’s where JourneyTEAM comes in. Our experienced senior consultants expertly navigate clients through the complicated technology roadmap and many pitfalls to a successful technological implementation.

How do we do it? Our Sherpa program—built from industry best practices and proven processes.

What is the Sherpa Program?

Our Sherpa program was built (and keeps building) for organizations looking to implement Microsoft solutions such as Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Marketing. It was designed to provide the exact level of support teams need for a successful implementation project. 

Working closely with business’ technical teams, we provide expert guidance on the best implementation approach to correctly allocate budget and resources. For those looking to take more ownership of their digital ecosystem and do more on their own, Sherpa is a perfect choice.

Teams who sign up for the program receive the following:

  • Progressive workshops: Taught by our team of experts, attendees will learn industry best practices and how to successfully reach go-live.
  • Scheduled office hours and 1:1 sessions: Enjoy additional support with individualized sessions with our senior consultants who provide answers to specific questions or requirements.
  • Community access: Collaborate with fellow Microsoft Dynamics 365 users or developers on implementation issues or questions and gain valuable feedback.
  • Managed services and support: JourneyTEAM ensures teams are set up for success even after go-live with always-available support options.
  • Training sessions: Learn how to get the most from Microsoft solutions with expert-led training sessions.

JourneyTEAM's experienced consultants and developers understand that each company features vast differences and unique requirements, all of which must be carefully considered to ensure the right solution is chosen, built, and deployed. 

This is why we thoroughly evaluate teams’ existing technology stack and unique requirements in order to build a fully-customized CRM solution that doesn’t strain budget or resources. With our guided approach, business teams are empowered to build smarter, more powerful solutions all while learning from a team of Dynamics 365 experts and a community of peers.

Connected Dynamics 365 Sales and Marketing 

How to best manage your Sales and Marketing leads is a constant focus and goal of Sales team's across industries. Connecting your sales and marketing efforts with Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Marketing can help convert your leads to cash with optimum efficiency. These Dynamics 365 tools help organize your sales conversion funnel, and help keep track of each step within the sales life cycle. The Sherpa programs at JourneyTEAM will help you adopt these tools quickly and at a lower cost to your organization. JourneyTEAM consultants will work with your sales team to customize a Dynamics 365 solution to unite your Sales and Marketing efforts and meet your unique business needs.

Upcoming Sherpa Programs

The following CRM Specific Sherpa programs are now available:

Dynamics 365 Sales | October 17, 2022

Struggling with a complex, disconnected sales process? See how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales centralizes all business data in order to streamline the sales and order process. 

Dynamics 365 Marketing | September 5, 2022 & December 5, 2022

Simplify and streamline marketing system management with Dynamics 365. JourneyTEAM empowers sales and marketing teams to create more effective campaigns, content, and scoring with Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready to start your journey to the summit, contact a JourneyTEAM representative. Trust us to improve productivity and efficiency and enhance your current and existing technology solutions. 

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