How to leverage Power BI for Better Reporting in Business Central

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Microsoft is a well-known technology company known for providing powerful business systems backed by a deep commitment to research and development.  One of their latest Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.  Formerly built from Microsoft Dynamics NAV “Navision”, this very popular ERP had a reputation for being a “feature-rich” business solution that can be customized for your individual requirements.  The “next generation” of SMB ERP Systems embraces this legacy from Dynamics NAV and now modern digital transformation to produce Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Keep reading to learn about how to leverage Power BI for Better Reporting in Business Central

Microsoft Business Central is a true ERP Business Solution with hundreds of unique business capabilities around Advanced Financials, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory/Supply Chain, Project Management, Warehousing, Service Management, and Manufacturing. You can learn more about Microsoft Business Central's capabilities by accessing the Free Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Capabilities Guide

In addition to Business Centrals' robust ERP functionality is the ability to extract and discern relevant, critical information for better decisions. This is enhanced greater with the “built-in” integration with Microsoft Power BI.  Microsoft Power BI accomplishes this by retrieving Business Central data allowing you to build dashboards and reports based on that information. Power BI provides a flexible alternative to reports built-in Business Central, enabling you to drill down and customize the visualization, and even merge data from different companies in Business Central. Some Power BI reports can also be embedded in Business Central and viewed without leaving the system. More complex dashboards are better experienced from the Power BI website.

To enhance business reporting and achieve better business insight even further, our developers at iCepts Technology Group have created our own Custom Power BI Dashboards that companies can fully utilize. iCepts' Customer Power BI Reporting Dashboards for Microsoft Power BI were designed to include some of the most useful and common reporting requests that we have learned from our customers.  These Power BI reporting dashboards include Aged Accounts Receivables, Aged Accounts Payables, Top 10 Customers, Top Selling Items, and Top Vendor List.  

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