How to achieve more effective remote collaboration through the use of Mixed Reality

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Dynamics 365 Remote Assist One Time Call: The best all-around Mixed Reality to achieve more effective remote collaboration

One of the newer applications in Dynamics 365, is One Time Call. This application allows unlicensed remote participants to take part in real-time video calls via Mixed Reality. Whether your goal is to better communicate with customers, fellow employees, or

vendors/suppliers, you can benefit from this technology. Let’s see how Dynamics 365’s One Time Call can add value to you and your organization.

One Time Call…in the real world

Dynamics 365 Remote Assist One Time Call offers solutions for numerous scenarios. To include:

  • You can toggle between a conventional phone call and a Mixed Reality video call. Sometimes a customer needs visual aids to better understand the finer points of a product, or to walk them through resolving an issue.
  • Many projects involve the employment of third-party individuals or freelancers. In the event of an issue, all concerned parties can take advantage of One Time Call to ensure that everyone is up to speed with the solution.
  • A technician working on a complex piece of equipment can be trained, or train others on the process, in real time, via any HoloLens, Android, or iOS device. What does this bring to the table for your organization?

Both B2B and B2C partners, customers, and potential colleagues can experience faster response and resolution times, higher solve rates, and overall higher customer satisfaction…all through the use of Remote Assist One Time Call. Click the link for this YouTube video to learn even more advantages that technology can provide for your organization.

How your business can benefit from mixed reality: the podcast.

In the latest episode of Dynamics Matter, Microsoft’s Global Sales Director for Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality, Anna Waight, shares with us how Mixed Reality can provide businesses with new and innovative ways to save money, and reduce time spent in the process of researching and developing new products.

Listen to the podcast.

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