Digitize Your Real-Estate Business With Dynamics 365 Portal (Unfold 7 Solid Reasons)

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Dynamics 365 Portal

Real estate is one of the constantly expanding and evolving industries. It plays a noteworthy part in the economy in the U.S., U.K., etc. And as we know, this industry is majorly affected by market trends, requirements, and changes, which brings them a box full of challenges. 

The dominant challenge for the real estate industry is digitalization. This industry has been revolutionizing to fully digital in the past few years. The reason for this trend is simple; companies focus more on enhancing customer experience by providing them the utmost convenience. And as 97% of people use the internet for home searching, companies need to digitize to connect to more customers. 

But the most challenging part for brokers is to decide where to start to improve their customer experience and increase their closings. In this blog, I have mentioned an all-in-one solution to go digital with all the benefits - Real Estate Portal. Let's know more about it. 

What is a Real Estate Portal?

This portal helps customers inquire, lease, sell, and buy, from any listed real estate property. This is an online medium where you can list properties for sale via the backend of your site. Basically, through this online medium, sellers and buyers can connect seamlessly with each other.

Many property management specialists and realtors own their websites to fetch leads, bring in prospective buyers, and much more. If you do not want to list a real estate property manually, then opting for automated features is always an option. Numerous other benefits are available from a Dynamics 365 portal for real estate, which I have listed below.

Benefits of Dynamics 365 Portal for Real-Estate

Provide Property Details

Buying, leasing, or renting property is crucial, especially when buyers are looking for it online. But you can help them with accurate information about a property to make a sale. You can have photos, price, location, requirements, size, amenities, etc., listed in the portal. This way, when buyers log in to your portal, they can simply filter the page as per their requirements, and the available property options will be displayed to them. 

Once they are convinced to buy or rent the property, they can pay securely from the portal. They can contact you for a query or take help from self-service options. You can even set up a meeting from the portal with them while showing them the property to win their trust.

Here you want to ensure that you are listing all the accurate details about the property; otherwise, you may lose customers and their word-of-mouth.

Manage Massive Database of Customers

As a real estate business owner, you might be aware of the importance of an extensive database of customers. This data helps you to provide personalization, catch up with leads, gain feedback, etc. A portal can help you collect the massive database of all your online visitors. It will collect their queries, details, interests, etc. This way, it becomes more convenient for buyers and sellers to interact on your platform, even if they belong from different geographical locations. 

24/7 Assistance

Nowadays, 24/7 assistance is expected and demanded from every online site. Trust me, it is a bare minimum if you go digital with your business. 

Dynamics 365 portal can help you to keep your business 24/7 available. You can have technological features like chatbots to assist customers. It will chat with customers just like a human. A chatbot will answer customers' queries with the help of knowledge-base articles, FAQs, and the information you have uploaded. If a query cannot be resolved, it will keep the customer engaged until the human takes over, or it will form an automatic ticket.

Social Media Integration

Social media. I don't need to start discussing social media's importance for any business. It has a lot of potential to help your business grow and reach millions of customers. And as I mentioned before, most customers prefer online property search, and where do we find most people? On social media!

So, why miss millions of potential buyers? With a portal, you can integrate social media sites so that people can reach you via social media platforms directly. You can create custom buttons for different sites and ensure they're evident to pull all the traffic.

Improve Customer Experience with Personalization

Personalization has the power to turn your business around 360 degrees. It can make the most impactful impression on your customers. With filters and intelligent data fetching, a portal can provide personalized recommendations and options to customers. This will increase engagement, and the chances of them buying the properties will also be high. Personalizing themes of the dashboard, layouts, etc., is also possible with a portal. You can add, update, or remove the custom listings as and when required.

Centralized Operations

The most significant benefit of having a Dynamics 365 portal is that it eliminates the need for a physical office presence when you have a business serving multiple locations. It enables you to manage your operations from a centralized system.

The real estate portal helps you manage all the real estate sales, listing, marketing, lead funnels, and much more through a unified solution. Plus, you can have all the data of all activities taking place in different locations from this portal. So, you don't constantly need to switch between various interfaces; instead, you can perform every operation from a single dashboard.

Wrapping Up

Property portals have become the most popular home search method. A property portal provides many benefits to your property business, and you don't want to miss out on any of them. You need to seek a company that has expertise in portal development as a well-crafted property portal is capable of bringing great opportunities. 

You can even opt for a customized Dynamics 365 portal with all and only features you require per your niche, audience, and business. Ensure that your portal's communication, task flow, security, and databases are on point.

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