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Location Intelligence within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

As expressed by many and experienced by millions over the years, it has been established that human beings, majorly, are social beings that are dependent on each other and nature for their survival, lifestyle, health, and more! The rain that blooms the barren lands can also be responsible for ripping them off any soil cover during floods. The smallest bacteria that are detested for spreading diseases are preserved and used for converting milk into curd. These small examples from everyday life validate the above inception further.

Many food, fashion, and health trends initiated by certain small influencers on social media become a rage, have a lot of medical research directed upon it, and even become the way of life popularly followed. This thus shows that the lifestyle one leads, the way one works, and the kind of principles one follows or runs one’s organization with are all heavily influenced by external factors and the changing trends in the market.

Since we live in a VUCA world, businesses too are bound to have a facelift and a parametric shift, frequently. From the times unknown, the ultimate goal of businesses has been sales, profits induced from these sales, a great return on investment, business expansion, productivity, growth, etc. Businesses most obviously have been self-centered so far. But with the magnitude of change experienced in the past few years, even the moto, thinking, and principles of businesses have changed. The organizations have become more benevolent and caring towards society, their policies care for the needy in their way possible, there is enhanced awareness about societal and environmental issues, and more! Some of the distinct genres of change that have been vivid are-

  • Environmental Awareness
  • Benevolence toward Society and
  • Global Diversity

Let’s explore them, one by one-

Environmental Awareness

For the longest time, organizations have been criticized for the release of harmful and poisonous elements into air and water resources, overuse of natural, non-renewable resources, unabashedly reaping out of nature, harming it. All of this criticism and related research have spread awareness among businesses and many are now changing their way of functioning. Many production operations have been revised in order to produce fewer by-products that could be easily taken care of, ethically, or reused in some other form. Offices are adopting digital ways of operation to save paper and trees. Their working hours are being restricted in order to consume less electricity.

Urban or Terrace gardening initiatives are introduced in and around the office premise. Employees are being encouraged to follow the same in and outside offices. Several businesses are running on solar power now with plants set up on rooftops. The dry and wet waste from the industries and offices is being recycled sincerely to generate compost and other usable products. Maplytics, the flagship product of Inogic that specializes in geo-mapping within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM could help in locating the local and global urban gardening experts, units of recycling plants, offices of solar power experts, wet waste units and their collectors, raw material providers, and so on and also schedule appointments with them along with optimized travel directions to follow.

Benevolence towards Society

Every business big or small works hard to ultimately have an awarding balance sheet. In addition to this, businesses today aim at banking on good Karma and Goodwill. The journey for the same has numerous routes. Some enterprises opt for a fixed amount set aside every year for CSR activities from their profits. Many organize employee visits to NGOs, Old Age Homes, Pet Centres, Orphanages, etc, every month where the employees interact with the inhabitants in various activities or engage them in small talks comforting them and exchanging their sorrows and joys. A fixed amount or gifts are donated at such places. More activities such as blood donation camps, railway station painting, coastal clean-ups, clothes and books donation, thrifting, and pet adaptation camps are also undertaken on a large scale by the businesses to contribute in every way possible. Such activities need a lot of pre-planning, organizing, and backing up.

Maplytics could come to a rescue in many of these cases. Being an all-inclusive mapping app, Maplytics could help in plotting the desired donation units, orphanages, hospital units, and old age homes directly over the map and the most convenient ones could be selected for visit. Optimized navigation routes to them too could be plotted for the employees to follow. To avoid clashing the planned activities with official appointments, the schedules for the visits and the client meetings could be pre-planned and fixed well in advance using the appointment scheduler. The willing employees could be aided in incorporating more of their flexible time in their schedules to visit such places regularly. Employee families too could be involved in the same. When the intentions are clean, they say, even the universe conspires to make good things happen.

Global Diversity

Globalization has helped businesses to expand across waters and involve the locals in these new places. These markets are culturally, functionally, and statistically different from the local markets and require special operative skills. Apps such as Maplytics that are available in multiple global languages help win the first round of acclimating the locals with the operations in a language they are comfortable in. Thus, the managers and the reps belonging to different countries probably interact efficiently with each other and work as a team towards improved productivity.

Understanding the unknown places, finding potential clients in these new places, or even setting up meeting slots there sounds impossible while sitting miles away. However, with Maplytics, those clients, airports, restaurants, gas stations, etc. can all be visualized over the map and the travel directions to any of them from any desired place too could be plotted for the reps or managers to follow. This not just increases local inclusivity but also helps in forming a relationship with the locals in global markets.

These are some very popular touchpoints of the innovative applications of Maplytics that contribute to modern-day society, thinking, and application. A lot still awaits to be explored and applied. Maplyitcs can be utilized amazingly in numerous ways to contribute miraculously to the betterment of society and it only awaits some thoughtful, and serious exploring!

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