Application of Location Intelligence across Industries within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

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Application of Location IntelligenceIn the world of smartphones and a widespread network of internet services, industries are discovering and pushing for newer markets using the location intelligence within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. Recent research by Insider Intelligence supports this theory by stating that,” 9 in 10 companies worldwide that use location data expect its use to become only more important over the next few years.

With Locational intelligence in Microsoft Dynamic 365 CRM, Organizations across the globe can easily manage, visualize, and analyze the available location-based data. Also, with changing dynamics, business plans made with maps Integration in Dynamics 365 can act as a major factor for business and community success. Today various industries from different walks of life are waking up to location intelligence to create opportunities and meet a wide range of needs. Let us have a look at some industries that could benefit from using Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM maps integration.

Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance Sector

The BFSI industry which includes lending, insurance, financial services, and such other functions, depends on consumer spending capacity and locations. With stiff competition, DBM bank can optimize the locations of the branches it is present at with the use of Maplytics. Using Maps in Dynamics 365 CRM and Analytical Dashboards derived from Maplytics, DBM Bank can visualize the volume of business that can be achieved from a specific territory. Also, they can measure the risk involved in the lending journey by checking out the historic records of that territory. The location-based behavioral insights could help them optimize the revenue expected from each territory, aiding BFSI to plan their new offices, ATMs, help desks, etc. accordingly.

Application of Location Intelligence

Telecom Service Providers

Location intelligence is now empowering telecom companies to better understand demographics and plan their actions in their desired regions. Franchise Telecom uses Maplytics to derive the demographic data using territory management in Dynamics 365 that could be used for planning network expansion, creating targeted marketing campaigns, pre-scheduling client appointments in a specific area, and more. Territory Management in Maplytics could help the Telecom giants to plot the existing infrastructure and create territories through Dynamics 365 CRM. With Real-Time tracking of Field engineers and sales personnel available at hand, their client appointments can be auto-scheduled to accommodate ad-hoc changes and induce more returns in less time. 

Application of Location Intelligence

Manufacturing Industry

Post-pandemic manufacturers have seen a major shift in their user behaviour & supply chains. To stay updated and relevant, Bryan manufacturing uses Entity and Heat Maps in Dynamics 365 CRM to analyse the revenue generated for specific regions and plan their manufacturing accordingly. Bryan Manufacturing could use truck routing to route the final products of men’s shirts such that the products are delivered comfortably and in time. Integrating transportation with Real-time tracking information of the delivery rep could help Bryan Manufacturers to reduce overall inefficiency, improve their process flow & increase profitability.

Application of Location Intelligence

Health Care Units

Location intelligence is a vital tool for healthcare providers who are looking to optimize future planning processes. With everchanging population trends and infrastructural developments, proper allocation is the only way to ensure effective resource deployment. Youngbell healthcare could easily plan an optimized route in Dynamics 365 for Fast emergency response using Maplytics Route optimization. With the plotted locations, Maplytics could calculate drive time and visualize options based on time or distance for transits for its ambulances to adopt a shorter route.  Also, by integrating Maplytics in the form of revenue data visualization can easily be planned to expand into new areas based on past trends.

Application of Location Intelligence

Real Estate Agencies

Realtors today can scale their business by tailoring products and services based on location intelligence. Austyn Realtors could Maplytics Point of interest feature to plan a business center in either Warrenville, Evans & Martinez. Considering corporate’s needs for good transport links and attractions like coffee houses, hotels, and restaurants they can see that Warrenville meets the needs & interests of potential investors. Maplytics could help invest in an area with amenities, good infrastructure, and buying populations, ensuring that there is the right targeting and setting that investment up for success. 

Application of Location Intelligence

With location intelligence gaining massive momentum, various industries are going through a massive transformation. Maplytics with its locational intelligence for Microsoft Dynamic 365 CRM helps industries to become a driving force to find new growth opportunities and become a more formidable force in the marketplace. It is a tried and tested application that has become a significant part of employees working in different industries. It provides industries a one-click access in an instinctive and user-friendly environment individualized to their preference. Global giants across many industries like Dental Traumatology Projects OÜ in DentistryTrefor in Utility supply, Performance Brokerage Services in Brokerage Consultancy, T-Grex in Mechanical Sales and Consultation, Data Sciences International in Medical, Strong Spas  & Vert Bleu in Manufacturing,   SVMIC in Insurance and many more are already using Maplytics for smart mobility and statistical derivations for elevated business goals. Maplytics is not only helping reps fix and execute the maximum number of business appointments in a day but also tracking the status of their visits and improving their business performance. With Maplytics industries can easily visualize market gaps, risk exposure, market expansion plans, and logistics, and run targeted campaigns effectively.

If your business plans an integration of Maps within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and needs some consultation on How to enable Maps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, get in touch with our Maplytics experts today. To talk through your specific requirements email us at or simply visit our website or the Microsoft AppSource to get a free 15-day trial. Visit our blog and video library to see the unique and engaging features of Maplytics.

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