3 Tips to Quickly and Efficiently Generate Quotes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is a leader in the CRM space. With its extensive capabilities, Microsoft Dynamics 365 collects customer information together in one place, enables team collaboration, and assists in both discovering and acting on sales opportunities.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales does have a built-in quote-generating functionality, but it’s very basic. It lacks the ability to ensure quote accuracy, provide a seamless customer experience, and track buyer interaction. Much of the process is left to inefficient manual processes outside of the system to finalize a quote.

The Costs of Manual Sales Processes

Generating price quotes is the first step in most sales processes. Fast and accurate quoting contributes to business growth and is a central part of creating an exceptional customer experience.
While being an absolute necessity, generating quotes quickly and accurately can be a challenge. Many companies use manual processes to input and update products, services, and bundles, and keep pricing current and up to date.
The manual process is both time-consuming and error-prone. When pricing becomes complex, the effort to generate a quote increases exponentially. Accurately pricing products with multiple components or variables is even more challenging when factoring in adjustments for industry, client discounts, and other considerations.
To cope with these difficulties, sales professionals spend precious time manually calculating prices, using complicated Excel spreadsheets or similar tools, and then retyping the final values in a Word document to present a polished, professional image.
It’s a tedious and error-riddled process, which leads to inconsistencies in product offerings, pricing, and policies. It’s also a long and inefficient process, taking salespeople away from their real task - selling.
The limitations of manual processes affect the bottom line. According to Aberdeen Group, only 38% of companies send accurate price quotes, leaving significant revenue on the table.
Fortunately, generating quotes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be streamlined to eliminate errors, save time, and recapture lost revenue due to manual processes.

3 Tips for a Streamlined Sales and Quoting Process in Dynamics 365 Sales

  1. Use playbooks and guided selling
    If you’re still using Excel, Word, or other manual templates to generate quotes for your customers, consider a better option.  Dynamic sales playbooks give sales professionals a simple, step-by-step guide to product configuration and quote generation.Fully customizable to any sales workflow, dynamic playbooks empower salespeople to accurately create a personalized quote for their clients in a matter of minutes.
  2. Create digital proposals 
    With manual processes, deal data can be found (or lost) in any of the multiple files created during the quoting stage. Digital proposals, on the other hand, are created from within the software, eliminating much of the manual entry and reduce errors. Digital proposals are easily shared with stakeholders, providing transparency into and control over the process, moving the deal forward faster. Digital proposals provide valuable insight into buyer interaction and intent and provide precious forecasting data.
  3. Use Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to close more deals
    Once sent, digital proposals provide real-time alerts on customer engagement, empowering salespeople to identify buyer intent, track the progress of the prospect in the sales pipeline, and see what content is resonating with potential clients. This also enables sales managers to pinpoint areas of friction in the process so they can adjust and streamline the customer journey and keep the deal moving forward.

Manual processes offer another challenge. They aren’t scalable. As products, pricing, and policies become more complex, manual processes become more time-consuming and difficult to manage, often halting business growth. Using our tips, you might be surprised at how empowering it is to use the right tools. Easy to implement solutions that are fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, can automate the sales process and generate fast and accurate quotes, freeing your sales professionals to do what they do best - sell.
Would you like to see firsthand how such a solution can work for you?

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