3 Canvas Apps Features to build and level up your app Development

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Canvas app

Custom apps are apps designed to meet the business needs of the organization. If you think building custom apps is only for companies with big budgets or IT teams, think again With the rise of low-code and no-code development platforms like Canvas Apps, small and medium-sized organizations can address unique challenges and become more efficient with applications tailored to their business needs. Canvas apps are highly customizable and easy to use. The low-cost development frameworks allow developers to build applications faster. With drag-and-drop elements and low barriers to entry, this user-friendly approach creates new opportunities for organizations to rapidly adopt Microsoft's most advanced technologies and gain benefits that may not be found in other development models.

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In this blog, we continue the success of our Canvas App tips and tricks series and explore more cool stuff.

Deep Dive into the Creator Kit for Canvas Apps

The Power Apps Creator Kit is an open-source solution that contains several canvas and code components. Pre-built controls and components on the Fluent UI framework seamlessly create an integrated and powerful user experience. Magnify the Power Apps experiences on the web and mobile platforms with a Fluent UI theme editor in the Power apps Creator kit. A component library, several commonly used Power Apps component framework controls, and other utilities are also included in the Creator Kit to improve the developer productivity. Let’s get a detailed guide on how to enable Creator Kit for Canvas Apps in this blog.

Easily transform your visual design into Canvas App in Power Apps

In a rapidly changing world, achieving the pace and scale of an organization requires a constant reduction in the distance between the challenge and the solution.  Here “Images” in the Create App feature help by turning a useful idea or an existing asset into a working app faster.  Whether the design is based on an existing paper form or a whiteboard drawing, building an application from scratch can take a significant amount of time. With Image to App, you can now create an app by just uploading an image of an app or form and connecting it to your data with a few simple steps in the guided interface. App creators can easily turn their designs or sketches into a working app in just a few steps. This feature makes it easy for developers of all skill levels to start the app development process. Now let’s see how the “Image” feature helps to easily transform your visual design into Canvas App in this blog.

Track canvas app error in Power app monitor

Regardless of level or experience, anyone can make coding errors from time to time. Let's say we have a request to create a customer support application to provide Dynamics 365 with product information. We have developed a canvas app and it is working well, but what if there is any problem/error in sending the product information? Here a need arises to track the errors and provide appropriate solutions for the same. Power apps monitor is a tool that looks at all the activities in the user session and can check if there is any error with app usage and record creation. In power apps, the monitor displays a list of errors where the user can check all the errors that have occurred and find solutions for them. To trace the error, we can use the app's notify method and send that error to the controller of the power application using the track function.

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