Territory Management within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM - How it can help you outsmart the competition!

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Territory Management Dynamics 365

Times are changing and so are the scenarios. From large businesses to start-ups, everyone is getting affected and so is the way they run their business. Just like Goliath and David, Large organizations are getting defeated by small organizations. The best example could be Blockbuster Vs Netflix where Blockbuster is now out of business and Netflix is one of the industry leaders. Every day organizations push an extra mile to just retain the customers and at the same time to get one. In addition to this, the cost to the organization has also increased labor and fuel among the top contributors.

Smart organizations are managing to meet the targets even with less workforce and more efficient use of available resources. One of the ways many organizations move is with the use of territory management. Territory management helps organizations visualize data and assign team members.  With territory management organizations increase their opportunities, save time and increase productivity.

Territory management involves segmenting a region based on demographic data and mapping out the most effective ways to reach potential customers in that specific region. Territory Mapping in Dynamics 365 helps reps use their skills, expertise, and resources to focus on the most valuable leads and potential customers. Territory management helps in covering multiple geographies strategically by maximizing each rep’s time. The management also has a bird’s eye view of performance tracking that if used properly helps in forecasting.

Maplytics is one of the leading location intelligence apps that helps in map integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365. Like the Greek myth Artemis, organizations can equip themselves with tools like Territory Management, Concentric Proximity Search, Along the Route Search, Auto Scheduling, Heat Map with Pie and Column chart, Security Template, Shape Operations, Navigation Links for routes for turn by turn navigation ready to face any challenges.

Maplytics as a Territory visualization tool helps users visualize their sales territory, categorize it by sales reps, and understand how each part of the territory is performing. The user can easily manage a territory in Dynamics 365 by Map Integration in Dynamics 365 using Maplytics. Visualize the sales territory geographically by region, postal codes drawing toolbar, or by territories themselves. The user can build their optimal territories in Dynamics 365 by uploading shape/excel files with organized records to create shape territories and scale the organization’s growth to new heights.

Territory Management

As a territory mapping software, Maplytics allows users to copy or move the geography to other territories or create new territory with a set of defined geographies directly on the map. This selection can be done using an alignment tool that performs actions like select, deselect all, select multiple geographies or delete them. Automate the manual & repetitive tasks of creating territories by Auto creation of Territories features to save the user time. With Auto creation of Territories using a balanced distribution of records Maplytics will automatically calculate and distribute the records to create the required number of balanced territories.

Territory Management With territories in the CRM, the user just needs to assign those territories to the team and they are ready to go. Keeping all user needs in mind, we recognize that often the created territory needs to be approved by the top management or teams. For this scenario, Maplytics provides a “Draft territory feature”. With this feature, users can temporarily create territories that can be presented for reference in a draft form. Once approved, the user can create territories in the final form and then assign them to the person.

Territory Management

Territory Management

Ready with the territories, automate the next actions using auto-scheduling to create more impactful work and direct conversations with leads and customers. With Auto scheduling, organizations can automate a multi-day schedule with route planners and appointments for multiple fields & sales reps. Once done visualize real-time sales performance by a simple look at the territories created in Dynamics CRM and plan future workflow with easy accessibility on desktop, tablet, and mobile. Maplytics helps organizations gain additional insight before management & the teams by using Dynamics 365 territory management. With proper integration between the territories, Organizations can increase their chance for a head start based on what another territory learned.

Territory Management

If your business plans the integration of Map with Dynamics 365 and needs some consultation on ‘How to enable Maps for Microsoft Dynamics 365?’, then get in touch with team Maplytics™ by emailing us at crm@inogic.com.

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