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Map My Relationships

A Preferred App on Microsoft AppSourceMap My Relationships is a productivity control that provides a Mind Map view of Dynamics 365 CRM data on a form. It helps users to visualize connections and relationships between Entities or related records in a single view.

But how does it help you? Let’s find out from the below example:

Brian is a Sales Manager at a reputed Footwear company. He was using Dynamics 365 CRM to manage and maintain customer information. And though the customer data was available within his reach, Brian wanted more insight and visibility. He found it time-consuming and exhausting to dig deep into each and every record in CRM to find any connections or relations between the customers. So, he was looking for an app that would visualize this information and provide them in a single view for easy analysis. And that is how he came across Map My Relationships! By implementing the Map My Relationships app in Dynamics 365 CRM, Brian was able to -

Get a 360-degree view of customer data within CRM

Brian was able to get a birds-eye view of the entire Relationships & Connections of Dynamic 365 CRM records. A visual layout of the relationships and connections allowed him to analyze the data in a much quicker way.

Map My Relationships

Find all necessary information in a single view

With Map My Relationships, Brian just has to simply hover the cursor over the respective record to see a summary of the record. For example, if he needs the data related to a hot lead, he can simply hover over that node and view its summary. Since he didn’t have to dig deep and search for information when he was short of time, this feature made his day!

Map My Relationships

Find in-depth information with ease

With this feature Brian was able to drill down to N-level through the records and see associated entity records within the relationship view. This also saved his time and effort. He was able to make informed decisions and close deals much faster.

Map My Relationships

Act fast without delay

Apart from visualizing records in Mind Map view, Brian was also able to create activity records through the relationship map. He was able to quickly record any activity like an appointment for the related records, send an email, etc. For example, it was easy for Brian to choose any related record from the mind map and use the email action to send an email instantly.

Map My Relationships

These are just a handful features of Map My Relationships. But with these amazing features, Map My Relationships proved to be boon for Brian. He was able to access all the important information related to CRM records in a single Mind Map view. Because of this, he was able to make informed decisions at the right time without any delay.

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Also, check out this amazing video to get more details about Map My Relationships!

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