How to Get Digital Selling Right with Dynamics 365 Sales

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Technology and global developments have changed the way we buy and sell. More and more buyers are letting their fingers do the shopping as they eagerly embrace online commerce. Buyers know what they want, and they know how to find it. Sellers have to be equally savvy if they are going to remain competitive.

When restrictions during the pandemic drove everyone online, we wondered if it would be a temporary solution. On the contrary, things are probably not going back to the way they were. Digital sales are the new reality, and we need to be on board

Let's talk about how to shift to digital selling for the long run. Specifically, how to get digital selling right with Dynamics 365 Sales – without a big consulting project

In days gone by, sales persons could spend time getting to know their customers and letting their customers know about them and their company. They could visit them in their office. They might even take them out for lunch or a round of golf. But all that has changed. Now buyers find out what they need to know on the internet. They'll look up you and your company on LinkedIn or Google. As your buyers shift to online sales, are you able to keep up?

A Gartner report spearheaded by industry expert Brent Adamson says that by 2025 over 60% of B2B sales interactions will occur in digital channels. They also say that nearly half of business customers already prefer a Rep-free buying experience.

With a changed game, the old rules no longer apply. For modern, complex digital sales, we should focus on four specific areas:  problem identification, solution exploration, requirements building, and supplier selection.

Digital-selling companies can secure prospect meetings and hit their sales quotas, but only if their CRM technology and use are up to par. After many years and hundreds of implementations,  CongruentX has created a new way to master digital selling  – in only 30 days – without a big consulting project. We call our approach Get Digital Selling Right, and we're dedicated to helping our clients master digital sales.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Technology has changed in the last 20 years. So have buyers' habits. A 20-year-old way to implement CRM software has 20-year-old limitations. There is a better approach. First, start with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. We recommend the premium license so you'll have access to the sales accelerator, which unlocks all the digital selling features you'll need. Robust AI features can dramatically shift how your team meets and exceeds new buyer expectations.

Our approach

Our fast-moving 30-day interactive engagement will bring together IT and Business and help us identify digital friction. Digital friction happens when workplace technology is counterintuitive, overwhelming, or frustrating to employees and requires unnecessary effort.

We'll focus on Envisioning the Art of the Possible learning on the D365 Sales Accelerator.

Finally, we will help your team Make it Real with collaborative sprints leveraging CX Templates to ensure everyone is on board.

Our 30-day schedule

Week one

Align GTM with people and technology. Create journey maps. Uncover digital friction in sales processes. Prioritize 10X ROI

Weeks Two and Three

Rapid, iterative sprints to develop the components of your digital selling solution to make the greatest initial impact.

Week Four

Action plan to onboard, adopt, and achieve outcomes with the initial digital selling solution.

What you get

Digital selling maturity assessment. High fidelity prototype, 10X outcomes plan, Backlog for three impactful solutions, plus a 12-month roadmap.

There's no doubt that buyers have made significant shifts in their expectations of us, and they expect us to make shifts also or be left behind.

They want to spend less time with salespeople, and they want the interactions they do have to be high quality and productive.

We also understand that buyers often work in teams, with each team member responsible for getting different pieces of information. This team approach results in a much less linear and predictable buying cycle than we are used to. Gartner has suggested that we look at things a little differently.

Buyers want us to shift to digital selling, and the good news is that the companies that do will be more successful. But make the shift the right way – a way that will provide a return on your investment and increase customer satisfaction.

CongruentX's Get Digital Selling Right framework starts with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Premium, combined with our 30-day challenge format.

Not sure where you are in your CRM journey overall? That is ok too, and not uncommon. CongruentX has a Guide and Assessment that you can check out, and we're here to help.

Download our guide: Growing Your Business by Aligning Marketing, Sales, and Service 

It's time to finally get digital selling right. Contact our experts at CongruentX and ask about our 30-day guaranteed program.

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