How Dynamics 365 Portal Benefits These 4 Industries (Legal, Real-estate, IT, and Non-profit)

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Dynamics 365 Portal

In the process of constant evolution, businesses have found various ways to conquer their daily challenges, and technologies have been the hero in this process. With the right use of technology, businesses have multiple software solutions to manage their daily business operations. One such software solution is a portal. It is a tool that provides a centralized platform with all the robust features and functionalities to streamline the entire business flow.

Privacy and security are not at all hindered in implementing portals to your businesses. It gives access to limited or necessary, or selected users on the basis of their roles in the business. This means your entire database is safe.

Now talking about different industries, it is important to know how Dynamics 365 Portal can help various industries win over the current trends and demands of customers. This article will discuss portal advantages and uses in industries like IT, Nonprofit, Real-estate, and Legal. You can even develop a custom portal solution with features that suit and help to grow your business niche in the best way possible.

IT Industry

In most IT companies, working from home is becoming common and challenging. It is difficult for supervisors to get accustomed to new management, communication, and collaboration methods. It hinders the productivity of the network team as it takes double the time to understand the reason for system failure while working remotely.

But you don't need to worry with the Dynamics 365 portal that can manage unlimited projects like HR operations, task management, IT issues, payroll, event management, collaboration, communication, etc.

Portals have different modules for each department, functionality, and well-categorized knowledge base. Users can select services, manage queries, request services, track their service status, live chat with agents, etc. All in all, it consists of query management, case deflection, ticket generation, etc.

Consultants can add, edit, or update customer details, get a clear view of all the queries, and manage the record of all their services from a centralized place.

As said earlier, you can opt for a customized Dynamics 365 portal to automate your business workflow. For instance, when a ticket or query is generated, the portal can automatically assign it to the concerned person, which the admin has modified as per their skills and work routine. To streamline and ease internal communication, you can integrate in-house chat features.

You can add task management modules and know your team's overall performance. Even leaves and payroll can be added and approved from the portal. This way, HR staff will not be concerned constantly.

Nonprofit Industry

As you know, tax-exempt organizations are increasing to meet solutions for one cause. According to stats, there are 1.6 million enlisted nonprofits in the US itself. Nonprofit organizations have their own challenges like:

  • Finding right volunteers
  • Maintain donors' pipeline and engage them
  • Find enough financial assistance
  • Organize several events
  • Manage tasks with deadlines
  • Know about the updates of mass marketing campaigns
  • Manage members and volunteers
  • Conduct meetings and seminars

For managing everything, one cannot rely on spreadsheets and keep putting effort and time into maintaining them. Here, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Portal comes to the rescue. No matter what size your organization is, portals help customizing a database for an individual organization and tailoring it according to its mission, business process, and terminology.

Here are some functionalities that the portal can offer to nonprofit organizations of any size and mission:

It stores data in one place and provides centralized information which can be easily viewed, updated, managed, etc., by one or more team members.

With user management, you can keep track of the audience and even record various audience activities like events they have attended or campaigns they have signed up for.

You can track a donor's previous donations with details like recurring donations, ongoing campaigns, invested funds, etc.

The portal helps you to manage the onboard volunteers and members, their profiles, tasks, contributions, etc. You can even get a clear view of their availability for upcoming events.

You can give the option of automated fund transfer to your customers. With this, they can pay monthly or yearly funds by choosing their payment methods. It is a secure option for all the payment gateways.

With Knowledge Base, you can provide various helpful resources to keep members, volunteers, and viewers updated with the latest information on events, campaigns, etc.

All these are possible due to its features like the dashboard, calendar, receipt management, live chat, secure access, and many more.

Real Estate Industry

Did you know that 90% of the search for homes happens online? With such digital evolution, people’s way of searching for homes has changed. To keep up with it, you need an online platform and portal for better visibility and management.

Most property businesses employ a real-estate portal for automating all the tedious manual work. Some of the significant benefits of having a real-estate Dynamics 365 Portal are:

With the help of a knowledge base and web search tools, you can deliver reliable information that your customer seeks to answer their queries.

You can ace at marketing services for your customers by analyzing the data and understanding their behavior. This way, you can offer them relevant solutions in which they will probably be interested.

You can manage a huge number of property options in one database to engage customers and increase sales.

You can assist customers in resolving their queries with technology advancements like chatbots, live chat, knowledge base, etc.

With location-based services, you can combine user data with market trends and deliver personalized services to your customers to enhance their experience.

As the portal is a centralized solution, you can manage all business operations from one site, like tracking agents, brokers, and potential customers.

You can store and manage every document in a single portal.

With secure payment options, you can enable customers to pay directly via the portal.
You can get all these benefits through some of the below amazing features of the Real-estate

Dynamics 365 customer portal:

  • Personalization
  • Geo-location
  • Data management
  • Property categorization
  • Legal documentation
  • Entity management
  • Tour scheduling
  • Extensive listing
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Multi-channel communication

You can customize the whole solution and build it per your requirements to cater to your customers with everything they need.

Legal Industry

Most of you would have a question why would you need a digital solution when you have to deal physically with court matters? But let me tell you that you need a portal to help you manage all your daily activities.

As someone in the legal industry, your main challenge would be manual work. Why waste time and energy on repetitive tasks when you can eliminate manual workflows through a portal?

With this, you can even improve team collaboration and have an assurance that no data will be misplaced.

Below are some benefits of having a legal portal:

  • Assists you in offering better services to your clients.
  • Keeps you organized.
  • Provides access to read reports anytime from any device.
  • Manages all the documents systematically in one place.
  • Save your time and effort from searching data, client files, etc.

Helps you be up-to-date with all the relevant and important information even in remote locations.

It provides helpful features like:

  • Role-based access: You can use this to limit user access. So, if you have confidential client data that you don't want to pass on to your juniors, you can restrict them from opening those files.
  • Separate Log-in: With this feature, you, your team, and your clients can have a separate log-in space where you all can manage activities, files, data, and more in your individual spaces.
  • Automated workflows: With this feature, you can send personalized welcome or thank you emails to your clients. You can send inquiry forms with FAQs and request feedback at times automatically. This will reduce manual struggles.
  • Centralized solution: This manages all the data and operations in one place, which is easy to access anytime.
  • Case management: This includes database research, case filing systems, third-party integrations, workflows, file attachments, etc. Everything you need for individual cases can be managed easily in one place.
  • Data sync and internal chat options: These features help internal team members communicate efficiently among themselves and clients. You can also share files in the chats without worrying about safety because the portal has your back there.
  • Quick information search: It enables you to search and find clients' files within seconds. Not kidding at all.

Digitalization: Get rid of the paperwork with digital documents.

Final Words

As you read above, with Dynamics 365 Portal, you can overcome your industry's challenges, improve collaboration, and enhance communication. The main advantage of this versatile portal is that you can access it from any device anywhere, which makes operating and performing actions even easier.

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