Dynamics 365 Portal is a Genie to Increase Your Sales. Read to Know How!

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Dynamics 365 portal

The way of communication between businesses and customers has evolved significantly. People are too busy to contact you through calls or emails to address every small detail and then wait to reach the correct agent or emails. It is irritating, error-prone, and time-consuming. So, even if your business has great products and services to offer, you cannot win the game if you don't provide proper customer service.

Don't worry; I have a solution to resolve all your pain points regarding customer experience - Customer Portals. You can integrate Dynamics 365 customer portal with your CRM without any hassle. With features like the custom dashboard, self-service facility, automation, security, etc., ensure that your manual tasks are decreased, and you can use technology to improve customer experience.

There are multiple advantages of having a customer portal, and I will be disclosing major of them in this article.

Mobile-friendly Portals

You are already aware of how most businesses are adopting remote work methods worldwide. And if your company has employees working in different time zones, then it might not always be possible to stay connected with colleagues through desktops and laptops. Here, mobile phones come in handy, and Dynamics 365 understands the importance of mobile phones. Thus, it offers a smooth mobile-friendly experience to every Dynamics user.

The primary focus of any business is to increase sales, and having a mobile-friendly portal helps in that. It makes the CRM experience smooth for users with features like task distribution among team members or speech-to-text notes. It makes the task of updating every team member easy with mobile-friendly reminders and updates. This way, it gets easy to collaborate with teams and increase the team's overall productivity. 

Automation and Personalized Marketing with AI

Dynamics 365 portal has supported AI (Artificial Intelligence) since 2018, and they are constantly improving its AI capabilities with advanced features that help in accurate data analysis and possess many powerful predictive powers.

The data acquired by AI is helpful in forecasting, operation scoring, predicting the probability of scenarios, etc. All this helps in making smart decisions and saves you from potential losses.

AI is broadly used to automate customer customization and personalization processes. With AI, you can offer personalized communication to your customers and stakeholders. Additionally, AI is useful for fraud protection, natural language processing, customer insights, speech recognition, virtual agents (chatbots), etc. 

Thus, with AI, you can prepare your business according to the future and be prepared for any future opportunities or avoid potential failures.

Uniform Platform for Communication

How does it work? Having the team on the same page is a task, especially when working remotely. But Dynamics 365 has simplified the collaboration and communication among the team members. So, whenever there are minor to major new changes or updates, this portal will notify all the concerned members to view the update or even save it down for future reference. Here, notifications are provided on the side panel for accessing them quickly.

Dynamics 365 operates as the single point of communication for every user, boosting efficiency and faster collaboration. Additionally, if you have a single software to communicate with, it will eliminate the constant back and forth to view various updates or communicate through different channels.

 Security of Documents

A business deals with digital files of documents regularly. And in the age where cyber-attacks are very common, it is important to secure all the documents in order to save your data from any data leak attacks. Dynamics 365 can secure it for you. It uses blockchain technology to know if the document is tempered with any hacking activities or not.

With this, agreements, tasks, processes, and payments can have a digital record with a signature. This technology will identify, share, validate, and store documents. Trust me; if every department adapts this technology, then there will be no need to have a notary.

Internet of Things

With IoT, businesses can take preventive measures to save machines from damage. This technology will regularly send each machine's conditions and performance to your system. This way, you can avoid potential losses easily. IoT integration helps monitor the industry zone to give you real-time updates of all the necessary information,, which helps in future planning and making the right decisions.

Easy to Use and Integrate

The Dynamics 365 portal is a simple and easy-to-use portal with all the powerful features to streamline CRM functions. It has custom dashboards that help organize and properly store relevant information. This helps in smooth navigation, and easy sign-ins provide users access to all the necessary data in just a click.

Usually, users have to use multiple tools to complete their tasks. Still, with the Dynamics 365 portal, one can integrate Word, Excel, Outlook, etc., in one portal to get direct access to whatever the user needs. This enhances productivity and performance.

Flexible Subscription Plans

Dynamics 365 portals include a comprehensive range of subscription plans for users to choose from. These plans are affordable for both small and medium businesses allowing them to pay only for required functionalities. Users can choose plans according to the number of users, month-wise, etc. You can buy their basic plan and then pay for additional plugin requirements. It is smarter to invest only in the necessary plugins rather than paying a huge chunk for features and functionality you will never need.

Self-service and Community Forum

The Dynamics 365 self-service portal saves the users time they used to spend handling calls, as with this portal, customers can find answers by themselves. With the help of knowledge base articles, FAQs, videos, tutorials, etc., you can make your site eligible for a self-service portal. When the customer has any minor to major query, they can look at such helpful things and get the answers immediately anywhere. 

To optimize this content, you can use features like text editors for formatting the content and attaching images, files, and videos. Updating the knowledge base is effortless with portals. How? Portal manages to install new additions without disrupting and damaging live articles. 

You can have insights on customers' ratings, views, feedback, etc.,. You can even know what your users are looking for in your knowledge base articles to analyze the pain points and take necessary actions on them. Additionally, you can add a community forum where customers can collaborate and share knowledge, feedback, etc., with other users. You can also invite experts from the industry to share their knowledge and experience with your company. This will help you to increase engagement and trust among your customers.

Wrapping Up

A key rule to winning customers' trust and having more sales is providing consistent quality customer service. Consistency is important here as it will convince customers to stay with your company for long and increase word-of-mouth marketing. There can be many hurdles in providing quality customer services, but as we read, Dynamics 365 customer portal can strike all the challenges out for your business. 

With this portal, you can leverage all the benefits a business requires to increase engagement and sales and have maximum loyal customers. With the security and advanced features of the Dynamics 365 portal, you can implement many useful technologies in your system and make it work efficiently.

You can contact certified companies to help you develop a portal that covers all your business needs. In different industries, the demands and requirements are also different. Thus, you can customize your portal to fit your industry needs. It will save you money and also give you the features you require. So, you need to search for a company that makes custom Dynamics 365 portals to cater to all your requirements.

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