8 Benefits of Map Integration on Dynamics 365

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Dynamics 365 Map

There are industries like pharma, insurance, banking, and many more whose main business comes from on-field representatives. They are pillars for such industries. But they usually face challenges while communicating with their team members. Also, calling them for every small detail is time-consuming and not a feasible solution for both parties. 

However, Dynamics users have this benefit where they can integrate maps with their CRM. So, this map integration simplifies managing on-field employees and their task allocation. It has some amazing features that can bring in some tremendous benefits. Let's have a look at them.

Advanced-Data Analytics and Reports

Integrating Dynamics 365 maps with your CRM means you have all the CRM records plotted on maps. It is easier to have a quick summary of your records. Visually it is easy to see which region has more clients and which region requires more attention. It also has a heat map option to recognize the improvement areas. 

This integration allows you to filter the regions based on profit, sales, and revenue and have a more detailed view of that region. There are multiple dashboard options like sales activity, performance, overview, etc., for better visualization of different activities. 

Your employees can simply log in and visualize the regions they are assigned. Managers can also create a custom report for their team members and share it with them. Also, managers can plan future strategies based on these reports. It can help a business move in the right direction of growth.

Easy Data Plotting

To have a long list of data is tedious and, at the same time, difficult to visualize. Visualization increases when data are plotted in graphs. It is easy to compare and understand different entities. Dynamics 365 map integration allows you to plot all kinds of data or locations and turn them into different graphs of your choice. The CRM data will be easier to understand and is also more organized. 

One more advantage of data plotting in Dynamics 365 maps is that you can do it with your mobile phone as well. So, even the managers can plot the data from their team members on the field and share it with them. The team members can have access to that data to work on it.

Advanced Search

So, whenever an employee is in a particular region, with the help of Dynamics 365 maps, they can view nearby customers in that defined radius. So, your on-field employees can visit the nearby customers and make the most out of the marketing campaign that you have planned in that region. This feature can help you increase the productivity of your on-field employees. 

The manager can filter the results, save them, and share them with their team members. To secure your results, you can give different access to different team members like only viewing or sharing edit rights.

Data Categorization

To have access to thousands of records can be overwhelming. It takes away the visualization power, making future decisions based on it is hard. But with Dynamics 365 maps, you can categorize the data in a more organized way. You can color-code them so that it's easy to understand. All these can be done from your smartphone itself. 

With this feature, you can showcase only layers or fields that you want and hide the rest. It automatically prepares a grid so that you can filter important details. Hence, it would be easier to plot multiple records of different categories on a map. It will make a detailed map that is easy to understand and more productive. This feature opens up future opportunities and tremendously helps generate good revenue.

Route Optimization

To save the time of your on-field team members, route optimization is the best feature. So, with the help of this feature, they have routes with minimum driving distance. It will ensure they spend more time with your clients and not on the roads. Based on the region you select for team members, they will have a blueprint of the fastest available routes.

For a sales representative, reaching on time for client meetings is extremely important. With Dynamics 365 maps, the routes and client location are easy to view and understand. Your team will not only save time but would also save fuel and money. They can visit more clients rather than spending time on the road.

Route optimization alerts them about road closures, traffic, and toll roads so that they can avoid them and offers alternative options. 

Appointment Planning

How you plan your appointments with your clients and whether you fulfill them or not leaves an impression of your brand on clients. It matters for your organization's growth and development. The way you do things can help build a strong bond with customers and manage future conversations in a better way. 

With Dynamics 365 map integration, you can plan meetings with clients from one particular region. It will be easier for the employees to have appointments in the same area as it will lessen the traveling. This app ensures that the timings of the appointments are such that it does not clash with any other appointment of that employee, and they have enough time to travel to that place. This way, they will reach on time and never miss an appointment.

Easy Tracking of Check-in and Check-out

Do you have to keep calling your team members for appointment reviews and status? Well, not anymore. With Dynamics 365 map integration, all the details of your team members' check-in and check-out details will be visible on the map with their location and time. 

You can have a view of the current location of your team on a map. Once the sales representative updates you will know whether they are in a meeting and all the details about the meetings. Now, you do not have to worry about when your sales representative checked in or not and how many hours went behind the meeting and other stuff. This will reduce phone calls and give you more clarity on timings.

Point of Interest

Sales representatives are out in the field the whole day. They will obviously need to fill the gas, visit the cafeteria, restaurants, medical store, or anything else. Not all places are familiar to them. But the Dynamics 365 maps give the option to search all these and also add filters based on ratings and reviews. 

The employees on the field will know where to find what, and that too in a nearby location. This can help them schedule meetings in some cafeteria or visit for their personal interest. Such features can help a lot during emergencies as well.


The Dynamics 365 integration can actually bring transparency in many ways. Be it for employees to have optimized routes or for an organization that has clear data on clients and their employees. The map view gives more clarity on regions that need improvement. You can plan more marketing campaigns in that particular area to increase sales. Your business can achieve new heights with better visualization because pages long data sheets clearly have lesser visibility than map and graphs views. So this new way of managing the on-field representatives would definitely show results in a short period of time.

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