What is The New Microsoft Viva Sales? (Video and Screenshot)

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“There you go again, entering data, manually updating the CRM. They require data entry, lots of data entry. You don't want to do it. Managers don't want to remind you to do it. And it all seems to push the sale further and further away. Microsoft's about to change that.

I'm listening.

Introducing Microsoft Viva Sales, a seller experience application designed to get sellers out of the busy work and in front of customers. It fundamentally transforms the way you interact with your CRM. Using the applications you know and love, you can get back to what you enjoy, which means less churn and better results.

Now, whenever you interact with a customer on Office 365 and Teams' applications, that customer engagement is automatically captured and updated in customer profiles. So you can stop collecting and start connecting. Let productivity soar and make the most of every customer exchange with detailed insights delivered to each interaction. Afterward, make sure to keep the ball rolling with AI-driven follow-through suggestions and reminders. It's like having a digital personal assistant helping you close the sale.

And the best part? It's included in the Microsoft apps that you use every day. Now there's nothing standing between you and your customer, and you can get back to doing what's most important.

Crushing it.

Supercharge your CRM.”

Screenshot of Viva Sales
Screenshot of Viva Sales

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By CRM Software Blog Writer, www.crmsoftwareblogcom

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