Podcast: How the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Community Leverages the Power of the Group

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A long time ago in lands both near and far away, Microsoft began its quest to add technology to its portfolio of offerings to form a “Business Solutions” unit. While that certainly had grand profit potential for Redmond, it was also the catalyst around which would form one of the most supportive and mutually-beneficial communities in the ERP and CRM marketing space: The Microsoft Dynamics Channel.

But this isn’t a story about a benevolent and nurturing behemoth; rather, it’s a tale of how marketers were drawn together by the power of group blogging.

In this podcast by Dealhub.io, Anya Ciecierski, co-founder of ERP Software Blog, CRM Software Blog, and ERP Cloud Blog, sheds light on how these popular group blog sites for Microsoft Dynamics Partners came to be and the huge need that they have filled, while sharing useful information that Dynamics marketers can put to use to get the most out of their blogging efforts.

Here are some of the topics covered in the podcast:

  • Untangling the Dynamics 365 name changes. We can hardly keep up with it! Is it CRM? Or Sales? Or Marketing? Is Dynamics 365 ERP all the same thing? Anya gives a clear and concise answer.
  • The value of a blog post. It’s not for an ego boost – blogging helps buyers find the right fit. But how will your articles get found? What style of article moves the customer to action? Get the scoop.
  • Why you need an implementation partner. So Salesforce says you just sign up, push a button, and you’ve got CRM. Why is Microsoft going against the current to steer potential clients toward their partner network? There’s a good reason.
  • Trending topics. Since the ERP, CRM, and Cloud Blogs have 90,000+ visitors each month, they are a great touchstone for topics that are trending among prospective buyers. Learn what topics are most popular.
  • Growth of the blog. Starting out as a moonlighting project, and now growing into a full-time gig, learn about the 13-year (and still counting) journey of the ERP/CRM Software Blogs, and how the staying power has brought benefits to its members.
  • The power of the community. A high tide raises all ships. Yes, many companies sell the same product. But working together has made the Channel a much better place – and helped everyone to better serve their customers in the process.

Special thanks to Barry Mueller from Dealhub for hosting the podcast!

So fire up your favorite podcasting service (hey, it’s on Apple, Google, Spotify, and YouTube, after all!) and listen in – take a trip down memory lane, or glean some great marketing tips. And keep working together; we all benefit from the power of the group.

By CRM Software Blog Writer, www.crmsoftwareblog.com

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