New world of work: Document generation & automation with electronic signature capabilities

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The business world has changed fundamentally. Home office, virtual meetings or collaborations across national borders are now daily companions in the business environment. As a result, new demands are being placed on the company's daily document processes to cope with these changes: Contracts and business documents must be signed electronically, created and sent automatically.

DocumentsCorePack is prepared for these requirements and constantly developing to meet your demands. It has never been easier to create dynamic Word templates with electronic signature integration from Dynamics 365 data. Our tool integrates AdobeSign, AssureSign and DocuSign solutions, that allow defining e-Signature fields directly inside the generated templates, as well as triggering the e-Signature process.

Electronic signature



DocumentsCorePack allows you to combine the creation of documents and the collection of e-Signatures in one simple process including a powerful option for In-Person Signing.


Watch the recording below to see DocumentsCorePack in action:

  • Introduction to the Adobe Sign integration
  • Setup considerations: solutions required & template setup
  • Step-by-Step walkthrough of the following use cases:
    • Send quote to a customer via AdobeSign
    • Field service technician using in-store signing to sign-off the work-order
    • NDA with multiple signees

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