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‘We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.’ This quote truly captures the essence of the role games play in keeping the human mind young, vibrant and active. Maybe that’s the reason why various business organizations are introducing Gamification into their workspaces.

And to underline this fact, we have some interesting figures here.

In several recent surveys, it was found that gamification had a positive impact on the behavior of employees. It was found that -

  • 72% of employees agreed that gamification motivates them to work harder
  • 71% of employees believed that gamification leads to an increase in energy levels
  • 66% of employees stated that gamification at work reduced their stress levels
  • 87% of employees felt more socially connected due to gamification

Furthermore, it was also found that gamification can roughly increase the company productivity by up to 50% and employee engagement by 60%.

Sounds too good, isn’t it? But it’s a fact that you can’t ignore!

And Inogic, with its vision to empower Dynamics 365 CRM users, has recently launched its very first Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM gamification app – Gamifics365!

So, what are the key features of Gamifics365? Let’s find out…..

  • Improve Dynamics 365 CRM Adoption: There are many essential tasks in Dynamics 365 CRM that are quite boring and tedious to do. Because of this, CRM users may take a longer period to get adapted to various intrinsic features of Dynamics 365 CRM. By gamifying Dynamics 365 CRM, you can engage users on a higher level and make the adoption of CRM quite easy for them.
  • Manage and create a variety of games: With Gamifics365, you can create and manage different types of games, such as Face-off, Race, and Challenge in Dynamics 365 CRM. These games can be played at both individual and team levels. Furthermore, you can create fantasy teams in the games to increase the level of engagement among CRM users.
  • Give instant Recognition with Badges & Rewards: Games are incomplete without rewards and recognition. By using Gamifics365, you can create customized badges and rewards for the winners of the games. Each game can have its own set of specialized awards for the winner. Along with the rewards, the instant recognition that the winners receive further motivates the players to do their best in each game.
  • Monitor Performance through Scoreboards & Leaderboards: Without scoreboards to keep track of the points earned by the players or teams, there is no point in playing games. In Gamifics365, you can track and monitor the scores in real-time without any impact on CRM usability and performance. There are personalized scoreboards from which players can review their performances and Leaderboards to review the score of ongoing games and the performance of all players in a single view.
  • Boost connectivity with Gamifics365 Mobile App: Place and time should not be a hindrance while playing games. With the Gamifics365 mobile app, CRM users can join games and review the performance of other players with just a flick of their fingers from anywhere at any time. This flexibility increases the engagement level and creates better connectivity among the players.

With all these amazing features of Gamifics365, you can easily overcome the two common problems affecting CRM users – low engagement and low productivity. A gamified environment, increases productivity, profitability, employee engagement, and helps to retain employees.

A quite useful app to have in your CRM, isn’t it?

Then what are you waiting for! Go to our website or Microsoft AppSource and download the 15-day free trial of this wonderful gaming app now!

Also, check out this video to know what Gamifics365 has in store for you!

For any information related to Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM gamification, feel free to mail us at

The Game has just begun!

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