Infographic: 3 Ways Viva Sales Improves Productivity

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Offerings in the sales tech stack seem almost limitless. Never before have so many companies churned out solutions designed to help sales teams track customer data. But tracking and collecting data is just one part of the sales puzzle. Teams need to be able to act on that data quickly and intelligently.

Microsoft is taking an integrative approach to the sales tech stack by ensuring that all your technology solutions cooperate. Seamlessly syncing your data systems, your productivity tools, and your CRM processes will help users work smarter and make better strategic decisions.

Streamline your processes, avoid manual-entry errors, and generate actionable insights. It’s the next logical step for peak sales productivity and more growth opportunities.

INFOGRAPHIC - 3 Ways Viva Sales Improves Productivity

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  1. Tento článek je poutavý a užitečný. Na jiných webech někdy formátování textu volá po pomstě do nebes. Když vidím zeď s textem, prostě odejdu. Vhodné rozestupy a obsah zde. Určitě sem budu chodit častěji 🙂

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