How to save data capacity by moving email content

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Tracking emails in Dynamics 365 can have a considerable impact on your data storage costs. This article shows you how to check your organization's data capacity consumption caused by emails.
As a result, you can determine if moving email content via our AttachmentExtractor can help you save costs.

Open the Power Platform Admin Center and go to “Resources→ Capacity”.
The following screen will appear:

Power Platform storage capacity


  1. Under “Capacity” you will get an overview of the capacity you are currently consuming
  2. The “Addon capacity” for the database is important as each GB comes at a cost of 40 USD per month. The higher this number, the more you have to pay. As email content is included in this portion there is a good chance that moving emails will help you save money.
  3. Under “Storage capacity” you will find details on your consumption.

Go to the “Storage capacity”-tab to see tables that consume most of the data volume: The table we have to look for is called “ActivityPointerBase” as email content is stored in this table.


Storage capacity


Please note: If the ActivityPointerBase table is consuming a considerable amount of database capacity you will be able to save costs by moving emails to Azure Blob with our AttachmentExtractor. Tests did show that moving email content can help you reduce the table size by around 40-60%

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