How to Increase B2B Sales with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software and CPQ

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Selling from business to business (B2B) has become a more developed – and more complex – process in the last several years. Sales cycles have lengthened because of more red tape and extended negotiations.

Do your sales representatives use several disconnected tools to complete quotes and close deals? How much of their time is spent on manual, or even paper-based, tasks? These sorts of bottlenecks can impede the ability of your sales team to do what they do best – serve your customers and close deals.

Friction in the sales process can cost you dearly.

Being slow to respond could cause the customer to get cold feet – or leave time for your competition to swoop in and take over. Worse, your employees can become dissatisfied and frustrated, feeling ill-equipped and under-supported because of a lack of tools and technology to help them keep up – encouraging them to move on to greener pastures.

We’ve spent years working with clients facing the complex B2B sales process head-on. Time and again, one of the most inefficient and troubled parts of their sales cycle is the configure price and quote process.

Removing that bottleneck will not only make your salespeople happier, but it will also help them sell more and improve the customer’s buying experience as a bonus.

Read on to learn 3 core tactics that leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales to improve the quoting process and impress your customers.

Fast, accurate quotes build trust and credibility.

We all love instant gratification. You can take advantage of that by getting a quote into your customer’s hands as soon as possible. That’s no small task. Enter Configure, Price Quote (CPQ) technology that is Easily integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Managers can quickly feed product information, pricing rules, and strategies into the system, and sales reps can then use the software to generate quotes efficiently and accurately, in a matter of minutes – wowing your customer and possibly closing the deal.

Before implementing CPQ, most customers grew impatient waiting on a quote. On the other side of the scale, another problem surfaces: In the mad rush to deliver a quote, manually performing complex price calculations often result in errors, tarnishing the credibility of your sales staff and your company.

Once in place, a modern CPQ streamlines the process, establishes greater credibility with your clients, and reduces mistakes by eliminating manual calculations. The integrity of the quote is preserved even if the customer requests a discount or a change in quantities. Reps will also more consistently follow pricing guidelines with automated approval workflows.

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software ensures all the deal data is accessible in one place and seamlessly synchronized.  Your sales team is enabled to keep tabs on the process even for complex deals that have changing products, configurations, and pricing.

Free up your sales staff so they can close more deals with CPQ Software.

Imagine a typical day for your sales reps: Bouncing between several applications to complete a process. Crunching numbers on a calculator. Filling out a few forms by hand… just to realize some information is wrong and it must be done over. How much do you think he sold that day?

Now imagine if those tasks were instead captured in your CRM and automated with CPQ. The manual tasks are eliminated, freeing up your representative. The results are guaranteed to be accurate, reducing the need for management to be looking over his shoulder. Now everyone has more time to understand your customers, adapt to their needs, communicate, deliver value – and sell.

One scenario where CPQ really shines at reducing administrative tasks is when you need to provide multi-dimensional pricing. This could be a “good, better, best” scenario, or might even come by customer request, testing different packages to see which one best meets their needs. You can accomplish in minutes, or even seconds, what would have taken hours or days in the past. How much more revenue could your sales rep generate with a few extra hours?

Personalize the buying experience.

Delivering a quote in a timely manner is only one part of a good overall buying experience. As we’ve seen, with CPQ, a quote can be generated within minutes of a sales call – or even during the call.

From there, communication traditionally happens over several channels – email, file transfers, phone calls – even snail mail. This too can lead to details, documents, and even opportunities lost.

On the other hand, you can offer a digital salesroom to your clients. It delivers a branded and personalized experience where all of the deal information is easily accessible and up to date – a single source of truth. Buyers and sellers can effortlessly collaborate, moving the deal along. Integrated e-sign functionality ensures the process stays organized all the way to completion, further delighting your customers.

Flow effortlessly from quoting to closing the deal with DealHub CPQ and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales CRM System

In 2022, the world is going even more digital. A digital mindset is the key to adapting to customer needs, reducing sales friction, and delivering quotes at lightning speed and accuracy. Adopting a CPQ solution that works hand-in-glove with your CRM will help you achieve those goals.

DealHub’s CPQ is just such a solution, offering best-in-class technology and empowering your team to generate quotes in minutes. Eliminate manual processes, reduce errors, and drive value as you put your focus back where it should be: on your customers.

By Beirit Harvey, Marketing Content Writer at Dealhub |

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