Dynamics 365 Summit 2022: Real-Time Tracking, Territory Management, Optimized Routing to improve overall Business Productivity within Dynamics 365 CRM

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Cloud storage has become the need of the hour for flourishing businesses with an abundance of analyzed data. While enjoying the convenience and ease of use of these storage technologies, the constant fear of security and encryption of the data looms the users. Dynamics 365 CRM and the additional products associated with it assure complete encryption and safety of data along with interdependence.

A Customer Engagement Summit being organized by the Power Community is here to celebrate the standout features of Dynamics 365 CRM and its add-ons. Maplytics, the preferred 5-star rated app of the Microsoft AppSource is an all-inclusive package intertwined with the CRM that follows the principles of the CRM along with being a glorious accessory product. It unbinds locational intelligence to aid businesses with graphical visualization of data, management of sales territories, marketing campaigns, and more!
So what are you still thinking? Click on the link and get your seats reserved now for an engaging session highlighting the amazing features of Maplytics, original, upgraded, and new!

Real-time location tracking, Auto-scheduling, Territory Management, Optimized Routing, & more only at Dynamics 365 Bootcamp, Customer Engagement Summit!

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June 24, 2022 | 02 PM GMT

In this session, the following points shall be addressed:

  1. Color coded customizable pushpins and multi-address plotting over Map
  2. Benefits of Proximity Search from the current location
  3. Perks of Route Optimization, POI Location, and Along the Route search
  4. Process of Auto Scheduling of Appointments for field reps and Tracking them in real-time
  5. Advantages of Territory Management & use of multi-layer search in PCF Detail Map Control

We’re sure your curiosity is at its peak right now! Keep up the momentum and check out the application of Maplytics for your esteemed business. Do not miss out on this experience and act now!

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To experience more of Maplytics, you can always download a free trial from our website or Microsoft AppSource. For further details, you can hop on to our Blogs, Client Testimonials, and Video Library

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