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One-Click Actions (OCAs), one of the features of DocumentsCorePack allows you to define custom document actions aligned to your business processes and needs. One-Click Actions are predefined settings for the DocumentsCorePack-Dialog to simplify and streamline document generation and delivery within Dynamics 365 and Power Apps.

For example, Accounting has to create invoices as PDFs, save them to SharePoint, and get a printed copy. With just one click, this process can be simplified for your users! Thus, OCAs help not just standardize and simplify your documents but also reduce workload and improve productivity within your organization. Features like conditional template selection, display rules & multipart documents are highly dynamic and designed to cover your document needs.

The video below shows:

  • Presentation: OCAs in a nutshell
  • Step-by-Step: Setup of a One-Click Action in DocumentsCorePack
  • Examples & use cases

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