ClickDimensions Email Sends: Excluded Recipients

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ClickDimensions Email Sends: Excluded Recipients


ClickDimensions is one of a multitude of marketing applications that streamlines efforts and simplify the approach to reaching existing and potential customers. However, sometimes all of the messages don't go out from an Email Send and the stats will show "excluded recipients".

Why are some recipients excluded from Email Sends and how can this be fixed? Download the list of excluded recipients to Excel for review. Keep reading to understand the underlying causes and possible solutions.


The recipients clicked 'unsubscribe' because they don't want your content.  They might have globally unsubscribed or just dropped off one of your subscription channels. Sorry. It happens. It's not personal. Focus on creating the best possible content for the recipients who do want your emails. When creating email sends, try to select the best of your available subscriptions to link it to.  If the topic of your email send doesn't fit an existing subscription, create a new one so it does fit, and recipients can specifically subscribe or unsubscribe for the topic. For more detail on how the Unsubscribe process works on Dynamics 365 records, see this article: Unsubscribes


Either the recipient's email address did not work at all, your messages "soft" bounced back too many times or the recipient marked your message as spam. There are different causes for an email message to "bounce" back - some are temporary such as a  such as a full mailbox while others are more permanent such as a user left the company. ClickDimensions provides a detailed list of possible causes and solutions here:  ClickDimensions Bounce Codes and Service Protection

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