All you need is 1 Click to – Clone records, Undo changes & Export data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

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Let’s face it – Repetitive data entry, exporting data, retrieving data, rectifying mistakes, etc. are some of the mundane and tedious tasks one has to do regularly while handling customer relationships in Dynamics 365 CRM. A better part of the productive work time is spent on these time-consuming tasks by CRM users.

So, the question is – Are there better ways to handle the day-to-day mundane manual workload in Dynamics 365 CRM?

The answer is YES! And you can find this in Inogic’s Dynamics 365 CRM range of Productivity Apps!

Our 1 Click Productivity apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM - Click2Clone, Click2Export, and Click2Undo – are just what you need!

So, what’s so special about these 1 Click Productivity Apps? Let’s find out……..

Click2Clone – Clone/Copy Dynamics 365 CRM records in 1 Click

In recent surveys, it was found that around 40% of employees using CRM spend a quarter of the week on manual, repetitive tasks. And around 60% of employees claim they can save an entire workday by automating these repetitive tasks. And this is where Click2Clone comes in. It automates your repetitive manual tasks and makes your work day more productive. With Click2Clone, you can create an exact copy of a Dynamics 365 CRM record (with more than 100-line items), clone/copy related records from 1:N and N:N relationships, create multiple copies of any CRM record, copy attributes or information of a record from one entity to another entity and much more. And all of this is possible with just one click!


Click2Export – Export Dynamics 365 CRM Report/Document templates in 1 Click

On an average employees spent around 25% of their time per week on exporting data manually. But with automation, employees spent 90% less time exporting data. And this is what Click2Export helps you with. With Click2Export, you no longer have to manually export data. It helps you to export data from your CRM in different formats (PDF, MS WORD, MS EXCEL, TIFF, CSV), schedule the export of required Dynamics 365 CRM data at regular intervals, email the exported files as attachments, store exported data as Note attachments, upload the exported data to SharePoint and much more. It just requires 1 click from you!


Click2Undo – Undo & Restore Dynamics 365 CRM data in 1 Click

On an average 60 records are updated per day in CRM; 300 per week. And up to 25% of data contain critical errors which cost the company around 100$ for each inaccurate CRM record. So, what should be done to overcome such situations? This is where Click2Undo can help you. With Click2Undo, you can undo the last changes made to Dynamics 365 CRM record and restore it to its previous known state, undo changes in multiple records at once, undo & restore history changes, retrieve and restore deleted records in your CRM. All it takes is 1 click and your task is done!


Quite an amazing suite of 1 Click Apps, isn’t it?

Now you can rest easy as all the daily mundane tasks can be effectively and efficiently taken care of with the help of these handy 1 Click productivity apps.

So, don’t wait! Grab this opportunity to explore these amazing 1 Click Apps from our website or Microsoft AppSource for a trial period of 15 days.

And feel free to share your experience with us at


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