How AEC Firms Can Benefit from Infrastructure Bill by Optimizing CRM

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AEC firms overcome CRM challenges and win more opportunities with the help of aec360

In November 2021, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act became law. With this infrastructure bill, AEC firms benefit from the $1.2 trillion allocated to fund infrastructure projects across the United States, to include improvements to roadways and bridges in addition to water, energy, and broadband capabilities. AEC firms stand to benefit quite significantly from these increased infrastructure investments as new projects are defined and funded. To take advantage of this new capital, AEC firms must first make sure their AEC CRM software system is able to help them win these projects.

Firms will need to act quickly and position themselves in front of the right people if they want to get the most out of this great funding opportunity. An essential step to success is the ability to manage these relationships from the beginning. Your CRM system must provide you the actionable data you need to make critical decisions on which potential projects to pursue as well as your best next steps.

Outlined below are several CRM issues that can create challenges for AEC firms, how these issues can impact a firm’s ability to benefit from provisions in the infrastructure bill, and how aec360 by HSO can help.

Limitations inflicted by deficient AEC CRM software

Many AEC firms struggle with deficiencies in the CRM system in three central areas: Relationship management, efficiency, and decision making.

Tearing down the silos in relationship management

Relationships drive sales, especially in government contracts, so firms must make the right connections with the right decision-makers. Making these crucial connections to the project stakeholders early in the sales process improves your chances for success across all opportunities.

Although many firms have already made the right connections to key stakeholders and decision-makers, they fail to leverage these connections due to information being siloed among various departments and individuals. Tear down these silos by using Microsoft Dynamics 365 with aec360 AEC CRM software's functionality. The Enterprise Relationship Management (ERM) application in aec360 enables you to recognize existing relationships that can be used to create new ones.

ERM shows existing relationships the prospect has with you, your co-workers, and  external business contacts of your firm. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is also leveraged by ERM to show optimal connections to individuals outside your organization.

Using automation and machine learning to your advantage by becoming more efficient

Wider adoption by the staff and productivity is slowed when having to manually update client data and build complex queries. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 and aec360 AEC CRM software, machine learning is used to help automate tasks and reduce user administration of the system, removing the time-consuming parts of the process.

aec360 anticipates when a user would likely perform a task, as illustrated in the screenshot below. In this case, the software is inquiring if the user would like the software to create or modify contacts. aec360 can identify increased activities with a contact or create a new contact record if not yet in the database. If a contact has a change of address or company, the software will recognize the change and offer to update the contact record.

Targeted and timely information you need, when you need it, for effective decision making

Out-of-date or incorrect data entries, difficult manual processes, and sub-standard reporting tools all combine to make many CRM systems yield ineffective results. Decisions, such as which new regions or market sectors to enter or which opportunity yields the greatest return, depend on the speed and accuracy of information from your AEC CRM software.

aec360 has native integration with Microsoft and Power BI. With this, dashboards are delivered real-time, actionable information for critical business decisions. Mission-critical information that is accurate and up to date is provided with aec360 CRM’s Power BI dashboard. These dashboards deliver information in a clear, visual report that is easily utilized by key decision makers.

Boost the benefit of your CRM system

The AEC landscape could potentially be transformed by the new infrastructure bill. A CRM system that can help your firm take advantage of the opportunities that are coming is a must have.

Ask yourself:

  • Can your CRM maintain the complex Relationship Management you will require?
  • Does your CRM make for a more efficient team?
  • Are you able to acquire the information needed quickly and accurately to make effective critical business decisions?

Find out how your company can be positioned for success in the upcoming months and years with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and aec360 CRM. Contact us for a demonstration of aec365 by HSO.

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