16 Apps with Free Trials to Supercharge your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM) Experience

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16 Apps with Free Trials to Supercharge your #Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM) Experience

With over 12 years as a leading Microsoft ISV Partner for Dynamics 365 CRM, we at Inogic have a deep understanding of how users interact with Dynamics 365 CRM. Year after year, we strive to develop solutions that enhance the user experience and help our clients reach new heights in productivity.

Our add-on offerings fill a broad range of needs. For example, we have app integrations, document management enhancements, data visualization tools, and process automation utilities, to name a few.

We’d like to introduce you to our selection of power-packed productivity apps across 7 categories. Let’s take a look.


Maplytics™. Integrate Microsoft Bing Maps into Dynamics 365 CRM with Maplytics. Use location intelligence to see customer locations, sales territories, plan routes, and many more visualizations that transform the location data in your CRM into actionable insights. Explore features such as Territory Management, Radius Search, Appointment Planner, Optimized Routing, PCF Controls, Census Data, Heat Maps, Truck Routing, and much more. Maplytics makes mapping easy!

InoLink. Enjoy secure, seamless, 2-way data synchronization between Dynamics 365 Sales CRM Software and QuickBooks Online. Working in the cloud, InoLink ensures your data stays up to date. From Dynamics 365 CRM, you can see the additional financial information that gives you a 360° view of your customer. Sync multiple QuickBooks companies with your CRM, and also view pertinent information from your CRM in QuickBooks.

Marketing4Dynamics. Get essential marketing insights from your MailChimp campaigns directly in Dynamics 365 CRM. As a bridge between the two applications, it helps to close the gap between the Sales and Marketing teams. Enhancing communication and data-sharing between the two divisions ensures better collaboration in future marketing and sales strategies.

Document Management

Attach2Dynamics. Instead of consuming large amounts of storage within your Dynamics 365 quota, Attach2Dynamics allows you to store documents of all kinds in other storage services such as Dropbox, Azure Blob, and SharePoint. You retain easy access from within Dynamics 365 CRM, and you can also drag & drop, upload/download, search, email, delete, preview, and rename files & folders. To keep them from accumulating you can even auto-move notes, emails, and sales literature attachments over to your preferred storage service.

SharePoint Security Sync. Connecting Dynamics 365 CRM with SharePoint is easy and secure with SharePoint Security Sync. Not only can you associate document folders with CRM records, but it also synchronizes the security privileges from Dynamics to SharePoint, ensuring secure and reliable access to confidential documents. Furthermore, it leverages DocuSign to allow users to electronically sign and send documents with ease.


Kanban Board. Get a visual overview of your Dynamics 365 and Dataverse (PowerApps) data in its various states of action with Kanban Board. With a card-based view, data is categorized into “lanes”, helping you to see the status of items immediately. Drag and drop the cards into another lane to change their status and the underlying field values. Perform various activities on cards in just a few clicks with Quick Action Shortcuts.

Map My Relationships. Visualize relationships and connections between Dynamics 365 CRM entities or related records in a mind map style. Drill down into these multi-level relationships and see associated entity records, navigate to those records, or even create activity records such as Email, Phone Call, or Appointment.

Subscriptions and Billing

Subscription and Recurring Billing Management. If you bill your customers on a subscription or recurring basis, you’ll love this add-on. It’s a robust platform to help you streamline and manage your billing process from within Dynamics 365 CRM. It simplifies complex billing processes, automates manual accounting, and gives insight into business health with a detailed report of important metrics through comprehensive dashboards. Saving your billing team a lot of time, it boosts user productivity, helping your business to grow and get an edge over your competition.

Auto Tax Calculator. Users across all industries can simplify tax calculations with Auto Tax Calculator for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. Eliminate manual calculations, increase accuracy, and save time for everyone on your team – especially during tax season. You can enter the tax rates yourself, or take advantage of our integration with AvaTax from Avalara.

Gamification and User Adoption Monitoring

User Adoption Monitor. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your investment in Dynamics 365 CRM by ensuring your users are fully utilizing its functions. Monitor common actions such as logins, create, update, and delete, time spent on actions, and completeness of data entered. Monitor metrics on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Visualize statistics with dashboards and leaderboards, allowing you to analyze the performance of each individual and implement measures to improve user adoption.

Gamifics365. Want to promote a little healthy competition among employees, motivating them to greater productivity? Gamification is the latest user experience trend that turns routine tasks into opportunities to gain points and reach a high score. It creates an enriching and motivating environment, increases employee engagement, and encourages team building – all of which translates to growth and higher returns.


Alerts4Dynamics. Keep your finger on the pulse of activity in Dynamics 365 CRM with Alerts4Dynamics. Configure alerts to notify internal personnel with pop-ups or form notifications, or even your clients via email. You can set the priority level, the time period shown, and even customize the alert message in different languages, all accessible from anywhere in the CRM.

Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation. Ensure a fair and even distribution of sales leads to your team with this application integrated into Dynamics 365 CRM. They can be assigned with a Round Robin algorithm (everyone gets the same number of leads) or by the capacity of the individual, to ensure everyone’s queue stays full. The process becomes much more efficient, resulting in higher sales and profit.

One-click Productivity Apps

Click2Clone. Copy/clone Dynamics 365 records, including their child records, with Click2Clone. Eliminate manual entry errors when creating duplicate records, and even automate the cloning process with workflows. It also performs deep cloning of records for hierarchical relationships, creating multiple copies of a record, cloning records from one entity to another entity, configuring a prefix/suffix to create unique names for records, and much more.

Click2Export. In just one click, you can export (or schedule the export of) reports, CRM Views, or document templates in PDF, Word, Excel, CSV, and TIFF file formats. They can then be emailed, stored as note attachments, uploaded to SharePoint, or downloaded for offline consumption. This process can even be included in automation workflows.

Click2Undo. Undo accidentally saved changes and restore a record to its previous state with a single click. Furthermore, it will also allow you to review audit logs in an easy-to-understand interface. Undo updates made in the past or restore a deleted record to its last known state in the audit log with a single click.

Enhance Your Dynamics 365 CRM Experience

All of these apps have a common goal – to make your daily interactions with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM more efficient and productive. Would you like to try them out? Head on over to Microsoft AppSource – all our apps are available there, with an option for a free trial so you can test our products to ensure they fill your needs.

Which one is your favorite app? Let us know at crm@inogic.com.

By Inogic, www.inogic.com

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