Slice and Dice Data From Multiple Systems With Microsoft Power BI

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If you want to be able to slice and dice your data, try Power BI.

That is the easiest way to sum it up in just one sentence.

With a Power BI report, you can look at data by date range, territory, salesperson, and product. You can see it on a map. You can click on a product and see the map change.  You can even see graphs that move and show how data changes over time, like a high-speed movie of your business.


The Insights tool in Power BI, one of Microsoft's artificial intelligence tools, actually reads your data and tells you things you probably didn't pick up on. Power BI will do the analysis and tell you things like:

  • You had a drop off in a certain product, and that has impacted other sales in specific ways.
  • A sales rep is no longer with the company, and that accounts for the loss.
  • Customers are not buying this one product anymore, and it is affecting another product.

Likely, you could pour over the reports and figure this out on your own, but why bother? Power BI will do it for you.

There is a limitation with Power BI. You can't click and say, "That number is wrong. Let me fix it." That's what a CRM dashboard will give you, the ability to drill right through to the source record.

But there are other benefits.


Power BI is a great way to tie together information from different sources.

You might have an Excel chart on OneDrive, data in CRM, data in QuickBooks, Google Analytics data, Facebook data and more. Power BI is the magic tool that will tie it all together. You can take systems that don't talk to each other and combine the data. Power BI becomes the hub.

Many times people invest in expensive integration systems. However, if all you need is reporting, you can just use Power BI.  Integration is only required if you want data to flow back and forth without retyping it.

Test it Out

To see Power BI in action go to

Hit the double arrow. This is actually a live, working three-page Power BI report.

  • Click on something and see how everything else changes.
  • Use control click to choose more than one parameter.

Can you start to imagine the type of data you could slice and dice for your business?

Next Steps

Contact us today to inquire more about our Business Intelligence services. We'll be happy to help you to use Power BI to draw out those crucial insights that you need to make more informed business decisions.

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