Have You Heard About the New Dynamics 365 + SharePoint Document Management Suite?

 Have You Heard About the New Dynamics 365 + Sharepoint Document Management Suite?

If you have documents and attachments in Dynamics 365, you have probably realized Dynamics document management is not the best. Nonetheless, it is convenient to have the documents right there, where users need them.

To get the best of both worlds, you used to have to pick multiple solutions. Fortunately, there is now an all-in-one solution in the market, the new Dynamics 365 + SharePoint Document Management Suite by Connecting Software.

With it, you can safely move your Dynamics documents to SharePoint and at the same time:

Increase your team’s productivity

Keep regulation compliance

Ensure no one has tampered with your documents

The new Dynamics 365 + SharePoint Document Management Suite will be available in January 2022. In this exclusive preview for the CRM Software Blog, you can know all about it before launch.


What's included in the Dynamics 365 + SharePoint Document Management Suite?

This suite includes Connecting Software's best-selling products for Dynamics 365 at an unbeatable price. Together they can make your managing the documents you currently have inDynamics 365 a breeze:

  • CB Dynamics 365 to SharePoint Permissions Replicator
    Automatically place D365 documents in SharePoint and copy their security permissions to prevent exposing all documents and data to everyone
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  • SharePoint Structure Creator
    Organize your SharePoint documents for peak team productivity, following the rules that make sense for their work
    Read more
  • CB Dynamics 365 Seamless Attachment Extractor
    Don’t allow attachments to pile up inside Dynamics 365, move them automatically to other storage, but keep them accessible in Dynamics
    Read more
  • CB Blockchain Seal for SharePoint
    Use Blockchain to make sure no one manipulated your files and know there were no changes after the timestamped Blockchain seal
    Read more

It is a smart move to get Dynamics 365 + SharePoint Document Management Suite now! Connecting Software is offering you CB Blockchain Seal for SharePoint (1 year) for free, and it comes with 1000 seals.  It is a great launch offer, and you heard about it on the CRM Software Blog.

Wow, that's a great DEAL!

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Ana Neto - Connecting SoftwareBy Ana Neto

Software engineer since 1997, she is now a technical advisor for Connecting Software.

Connecting Software is a producer of integration and synchronization software solutions since 2004. We operate globally, and we are also a proud “Top Member” and “Top Blogger” at CRMSoftwareBlog.


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