Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Lead/Case Assignment Automation Rules - Best Practices and Tricks!

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Businesses revolve around Sales. That is why Leads are precious because only a fraction of them are converted into sales. And one of the challenges that organizations face in lead conversion is responding quickly to newly generated leads.

41% of business organizations feel that following up with leads quickly is a challenge. But only 25% of marketing and sales professionals have any kind of automation software specific to lead conversion.

In highly competitive markets, this response time can make or break deals. The only way to decrease the response time is to assign the incoming leads quickly to the respective salespersons, which is practically impossible in the case of manual processing. So, the only solution is to automate the assignment of leads through an app that specializes in this task and works with your CRM.

And this is where Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation comes in!

This Microsoft Preferred App automates the allocation or distribution of Leads (or any other entity records) recorded in Dynamics 365 CRM in a systematic way.

Now, let’s see why Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation is the apt app for assigning Leads, Cases, or any other entity records in Dynamics 365 CRM.

Bid goodbye to the manual assignment of Leads

With this Lead assignment automation app, you can assign the leads generated through various sales and marketing initiatives by using Round Robin or Capacity Algorithm. With the Round Robin algorithm, the incoming Leads will be evenly distributed among your team members. If there are three members in your team and there are six incoming Leads then each member will be allotted two Leads.

But under the Capacity Algorithm, the individual capacity of your team member (salesperson) is taken into consideration while assigning leads. Under this rule, you can allocate more leads to an experienced salesperson as compared to an inexperienced one. This ensures that each team member is equally loaded as per their capacity.

Further, you can also automate the assignment of leads that were already existing in Dynamics 365 CRM before the implementation of this automation app into your CRM. Another added advantage of using this Lead automation app.

Multiple checkpoints to assign leads with ease

While automating lead assignment in Dynamics 365 CRM, there are many factors that need to be considered carefully for the smooth execution of the lead assignment process. For example:

  • The order of executing assignment rules if there are multiple assignment rules configured in your CRM.
  • The sequence of assigning leads to team members (salesperson) if there are five or more salespeople in your team i.e. who will get the first lead?
  • Daily, weekly or monthly – when the leads should be assigned?
  • Check availability of the salesperson – is the salesperson on vacation, out of the office, or available?

Configuring rules and applying conditions to handle these factors will ensure operational efficiency while assigning leads in CRM. These parameters or checkpoints will undoubtedly eliminate any chances of mismanagement while allocating leads in Dynamics 365 CRM.

Dashboard reporting to monitor lead assignment

With Dashboard reporting, the Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation app ensures you get a clear insight into total assigned leads. It helps you to understand to whom the active leads are assigned and the situation with pending leads through the Lead assignment dashboard. When this information is readily available, it becomes relatively easy to track, monitor, and optimize the workload and performance of each team member. It is also quite helpful in planning sales strategies and the development of skills of salespeople, resulting in a higher lead conversion rate.

With all these features, isn’t this quite an amazing app to have in your Dynamics 365 CRM?

In this day and age of technological advancement, restricting an organization's capabilities with manual tasks is a huge disadvantage for the future growth of the organization. So, break free from the old patterns and explore the advantage of automation apps for the future advancement of business.

Just go to our website or Microsoft AppSource and download the 15-day free trial of this fabulous lead automation app.

Also, check out these videos to learn more about this Lead automation app.

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It’s time to automate!

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