Maplytics for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM: The Key to Future Business Success

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Your company generates piles of data every minute. This data is analyzed and organized for interpretation and reporting in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solution. As much as 80 % of this data may be tied to locations. Maplytics, a Microsoft preferred location intelligence app on Microsoft AppSource by Inogic, provides mapping and visualization for your data. Just imagine the possibilities.

Maplytics is a 5-star rated geo-analytical multi-language mapping app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. It features Geographical Data Visualization, Optimized Routing, Automated Scheduling, Radius Search, Territory Plotting, etc., to enhance sales planning, territory mapping, and other business processes. Maplytics integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM/CE and Dataverse (PowerApps) to strengthen your business data with geo-coded intelligence.

Maplytics has many exciting features and applications that will be appreciated by your sales, marketing, and field services teams. It is also valuable for managers and CEOs overseeing your growing business and making strategic decisions.

Here are some of Maplytics robust features:

Plot Records

Plot data from your Dynamics 365 CRM  on a virtual map according to location, region, territory, etc., for better visualization.

Radius/ Proximity Search

A field rep can enter their current location and locate existing/potential retailers (from Dynamics 365 CRM data) within a specified radius or travel time. Then he can plot those locations on a map according to priorities.



Along the Route

If a rep is on their plotted route and finds they have some additional time, they can search for other clients along that route who might benefit from a meetup.

Optimized Routing

This feature can save sales reps time and gas if they have several clients to visit. Plot an optimized travel route within Dynamics 365 CRM and see the time and distance between stops. You can also locate possible traffic-free and toll-free roads.

POI (Point Of Interest) Locations

Traveling reps can identify places such as hotels, airports, restaurants, etc., along a route or near a Client. Your rep might use these as meeting places.


Auto Scheduling

Appointments can be auto-scheduled within Dynamics 365 CRM and updated in case of changes. This allows both reps and managers access to appointment schedules.

Real-Time Tracking

You can track reps in the field in real time. Their routes over the map can be monitored and saved within Dynamics 365 CRM for future use.

Check-In/ Check-Out

When reps are within a specified distance of a meeting, they can check into a meeting and check out when done. Managers can monitor reps’ activities and availability.

maplytics                                      maplytics

Territory Management

This powerful feature sorts and plots data based on territories. Managers can create and oversee multiple territories within Dynamics 365 CRM based on various parameters. Create, draft, align, and edit territories according to your business strategy.

You can plot and manage multi-level or hierarchical territories. If there are any child territories, Maplytics will plot those on the map along with the parent territories. For instance, if Austin, Texas, has a child territory of Wimberley, both will be plotted when Austin is selected.


Detail Map

The Detail Map is for plotting your Dynamics 365 CRM records on a road map or an ariel map.

Heat Map

The Heat Map tool displays actionable insights through a visual representation. You can visualize data in colored boundaries, pie charts, or column charts.


Land Area Mapping

Users can assign specific land regions to the records to optimize territories within Dynamics 365 CRM. You can then visualize the regions for a better assessment of the coverage of each area.

Mobility across Devices

Access Maplytics from Dynamics 365/CRM Power App and Dynamics 365 Sales App for phones and tablets. Enter GPS locations in advance for auto-scheduling.

Truck Routing-

Optimize the delivery truck routes. Track specific vehicles for safety and efficiency.

Multiple language support

Maplytics is a multi-language solution currently available in English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Turkish, and Arabic.

Census data visualization

Visualize census data of a country, region, or territory when making strategic decisions in line with your business goals.

Security Template

Selective access to Maplytics is provided by your system admin or Maplytics admin. Some functions are accessible only to those who need them.


You can configure zoom levels, current location, origin, destination, etc. You can save and reuse these preferences.


Mark and view Dynamics 365 CRM records along with the shape/excel files and the existing territories plotted on the map.

Shape Operations

You can perform Binary Operations on the shapes drawn on the maps. Eliminate overlying shapes, highlight intersecting shapes, and merge overlapped shapes.



Dashboards allow you to visualize and analyze the geo-coded Dynamics 365 CRM data and insights. You can customize the dashboard view for Maplytics.

Directional and geo-coded data in Maps is the key to the future. Maplytics within Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM is the prime solution. Visit our Video Library to learn more about the features of Maplytics. Contact our experts at Inogic and get a free demo and answers to your questions.

By Inogic,

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