Gamification in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM - Encourages both competition and collaboration!

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Gamification has taken the world by storm. This is because gamification can work any place you have people and there’s a desire to motivate or engage them. You can see examples of gamification everywhere, from entertainment industries to supply chain and logistics industrial companies. Across all parts of the world, you will find there is the adoption of gamification because it helps to transform business.

And keeping up with this trend, Inogic has launched its very first Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM gamification app – Gamifics365!

Gamifics365 is a productivity app that aims to enhance Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM productivity and adoption by creating an enriching and motivating environment for CRM users through gamification and engaging games and activities.

Now let’s see what this newly released app can do for you!

Engage CRM users with exciting games and activities

Face-off, Challenge, and Race are the different types of games that you can create in Dynamics 365 CRM with Gamifics365. These games can be played between individual users as well as at the team level. You can set up targets for the games like the number of deals closed, revenue earned, leads made for the month, and track the achievements at individual and team levels. Turning goals into actionable targets would bring out the competitive spirit among CRM users and encourage them to put forth their best performance in achieving them. This would undoubtedly boost the sales, CRM productivity, and overall growth of the organization.

Gamification dynamics 365

Spotlight the achievements with Badges & Rewards

Awards and recognition always motivate employees. Let no achievement go unheard and unnoticed. With Gamifics365, you can create customized awards and badges to bestow upon the winners of the games. Each award and badge earned by the CRM users will further encourage and motivate them to excel in their field and set an example for other users as well.Gamification dynamics 365

Monitor Performance with Personalized Scoreboards

Ever heard this quote - “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”. This quote truly accentuates the need for performance scoreboards because it helps to measure the capability of game participants (CRM users). With the Gamifics365 scoreboard, you can easily track the performance of players or participants in real-time. It provides an overall view of activities such as games, KPIs, total points earned, targets achieved, rewards earned, and so on. This vibrant and intricate representation of one’s performance motivates and encourages CRM users to improve their game and give their best to achieve the organizational goals and targets set for them.

Gamification dynamics 365

Create connectivity with Gamifics365 gamification Mobile App

It is the era of mobility, flexibility and agility! So it is no surprise if you can get a mobile app as a complementary dish with the main dish Gamifics365. Be it office, home, or any other place, now you can easily get details of ongoing games, upcoming games, and the points scored just with a single click on the Gamifics365 mobile app. Now cheering for the favorite team or colleagues who are playing the games is not limited by time and place! You can cheer from anywhere at any time!

Gamification dynamics 365

To be precise, with Dynamics 365 CRM gamification, Gamifics365 taps into what makes us human. It relates to basic human drives such as competitive spirit, thirst for excellence, motivation for mastery, desire for achievement, and so forth to bring out the best in you.

So, what say? Isn’t this an interesting app to have in your Dynamics 365 CRM environment?

So, hurry and download this newly released gamification app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM from our website or Microsoft AppSource for a free trial period of 15 days!

Also, check out this video to get a brief overview of this amazing gamification app!

Feel free to mail us at for a personal demo or more information related to Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM gamification.

Until then – It’s gaming time!

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