Data Security and Document Management made easy with new-age Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM productivity apps!

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Data Security and Document Management

Managing data storage space and ensuring data privacy is the basic requirement essential for the smooth functioning of any organization. But the scale of data that you deal with on a daily basis in your Dynamics 365 CRM is steadily increasing. The rapid growth in documents/attachments associated with your customers calls for alternative measures to successfully manage access and storage space within Dynamics 365 CRM.

And this is where popular document management apps like SharePoint Security Sync and Attach2Dynamics will be of great help.

As Preferred Apps on Microsoft AppSource, both of these apps will satisfy all your document management requirements within Dynamics 365 CRM.

And here’s how SharePoint Security Sync and Attach2Dynamics will help you -

Ensure Data Privacy & Security

Normally, cloud services like SharePoint, Dropbox, Azure Blob Storage, etc. are used to store Dynamics 365 CRM documents/attachments. But there are significant differences between the security models of Dynamics 365 and these cloud services. The confidential document like a legal contract, which only a few people can access in CRM, could become fully accessible to everyone when transferred to SharePoint due to differences in security privileges. And this is where SharePoint Security Sync can help you as it syncs the security privileges from Dynamics 365 CRM to SharePoint to ensure secure and reliable access to confidential documents stored in SharePoint.

Migrate huge scale of Dynamics 365 CRM data efficiently

For most of you, migrating historical data in bulk is an important consideration in choosing a document management app. When the amount of data is huge, it requires quite a bit of time and effort to move it to the cloud. You cannot be expected to invest a major part of your productive time in data migration.  But with the ‘Bulk Migration Job’ feature in Attach2Dynamics and SharePoint Security Sync you can effortlessly migrate a huge scale of history data to any one of the cloud storage of your choice – SharePoint, Dropbox, or Azure Blob Storage.

Organized data storage

Have you ever heard of the phrase - A place for everything and everything in its place. This is because just dumping data in a cloud repository is not the right way to store Dynamics 365 CRM data. It should be stored methodically. And SharePoint Security Sync is a huge help when it comes to systematic storage of data. It enables you to create a customized document library structure in SharePoint, which is a huge help for organizing data. This way you can systematically classify and store data in any order of your choice – alphabetical, chronological, etc.

Effortless management of Data from within Dynamics 365 CRM

Data should always be within your easy reach. You should be easily able to open folders, upload/download files, view, email file links, delete, rename folders, etc. in the cloud from within Dynamics 365 CRM. This capability eliminates the need to navigate through different interfaces. Both SharePoint Security Sync and Attach2Dynamics offers these services for you. And because of these handy features, a considerable amount of your time and effort can be saved and put forth in other productive work.

Flexibility to integrate with multiple apps

SharePoint Security Sync and Attach2Dynamics are both versatile document management solutions. Attac2Dynamics provides integration with multiple cloud storage services like SharePoint, Dropbox, and Azure Blob Storage for storing and managing Dynamics 365 CRM documents/attachments. SharePoint Security Sync, on the other hand, provides three-way integration between Dynamics 365 CRM, SharePoint, and DocuSign (the popular Esignature app). This integration is quite useful when it comes to digitally sign documents stored in SharePoint that are also related to activities driven by CRM. This versatility of both apps is an added advantage for it makes document management much easier and stress-free.

This is just a brief overview of what SharePoint Security Sync and Attach2Dynamics can do for you.

To learn more about these amazing apps, just download the 15-day free trial from our website or Microsoft AppSource right away!

You can also check out the exciting videos of SharePoint Security Sync and Attach2Dynamics to get better insight into the different functionalities of these handy apps.

As for a personal demo or any further details regarding document management, feel free to contact us at

It’s time to declutter your CRM with stress–free document management!


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