Connected Technology Can Advance the Mission of Your Non-Profit

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Non-profits battle with obstacles like any other industry...obstacles like budgets, resources, and time. The difference is that a non-profit's mission is to help others, so this can be devastating. While non-profit technology solutions can help, it’s often too expensive or complicated for most to consider. Luckily, connected technologies make advancing your non-profit easier than ever before.

Microsoft saw the aforementioned problem and formed its Technology for Social Impact (TSI) group, dedicated to serving non-profits around the world by helping them leverage technology. HSO is a Microsoft Partner that specializes in solutions for non-profits, so we launched an initiative to support TSI’s effort to eliminate the barriers to technology non-profits often face. We call it Advancing Your Mission.

Advancing Your Mission aligns with the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit, which is purpose-built for non-profit organizations and empowers them with a connected “a la carte” structure. The Advancing Your Mission also adds HSO’s core competencies to the Cloud for Nonprofit, making it possible for non-profits to pick and choose only the technology required to meet their specific needs at the right time. This lets them  address their most critical challenges first, adding new functionality as budget, circumstances, and priorities dictate and permit. By only paying for what they need, non-profits can better manage their budget, and have the flexibility to spread out expenditures and portion out planning, implementing, and training into smaller chunks, centered on one area at a time.

HSO breaks down non-profit technology solutions like this:

Case Management

Supporting a client-first focus with a 360-degree view of clients within every program and area of a non-profit’s organization in its entirety thereby connecting them with the appropriate services and streamlining processes. The result being improved reporting on spending and outcomes.

Constituent Management

Maintaining complete profiles of funders, volunteers, donors, and anyone associated with the non-profit, identifying and tracking issues, and improving communications by keeping everyone better connected.

Finance and Accounting

Responsibly handling finances with improved capacity to manage funds, grants, and donations, set and supervise goals, and associate spending to outcomes.

Fundraising and Engagement

Procuring and increasing financial support by attracting, maintaining, and strengthening donor relationships, improving engagement, and raising credibility.

Supply Chain Management

Efficiently getting supplies where they are needed by making cost-effective procurement decisions, handling fluctuating costs, and optimizing resources to get the most out of limited budgets.

Every single solution area is powered by the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator. In addition, each of these areas are connected on a flexible platform that provides non-profits the freedom to choose what they need when they need it. All this while providing a foundation to easily add more when the time is right.

BronxConnect expands its mission with strategically selected non-profit technology solutions

HSO has been effectively working with TSI and several non-profits to advance their mission. One of these non-profits  is BronxConnect.

BronxConnect, a community and faith-based program, focuses on violence prevention through alternatives to detention and incarceration as their mission. Through asset-based mentoring that connects high-risk and court-involved youth and young adults with constructive local community resources, BronxConnect helps prevent re-offense and addresses youth-initiated goals in education and employment.

LifeWorks Austin, another HSO non-profit client,  introduced us to BronxConnect through LifeWorks Austin, They nominated them for Microsoft’s Nonprofit Tech Acceleration (NTA) for Black and African American Communities program, which expands technology support for non-profits that provide a range of services to people of color, depending on need. In the case of BronxConnect, the most significant l need involved in-house participant and program tracking, which we were able to address with a Case Management solution.

Prior to this, staff would have to copy hand-written case notes from a client visit in the field onto forms. This was eliminated with the case management solution, increasing efficiency and consolidating all the client information in one place, making their work with clients more effective. As a cloud solution, it allows for secure, remote access, which is crucial with sensitive information. The result, improved participation and outcomes as well as increased outreach.

Your next step: Find out how a non-profit technology solution can advance the mission of your non-profit

Most non-profits, like BronxConnect, have small staffs, so technology can play a critical role. That’s why the TSI team and HSO have joined forces for a digital event: Advancing Your Nonprofit’s Mission: How a Connected Technology Platform Can Empower Your Organization to Do More Good. Throughout this interactive session, solution experts from both Microsoft TSI and HSO will guide you through how your non-profit can envision, design, and create solutions to focus on advancing your non-profit. The event will include an interview with Felicia Lemons, Director of Training and Strategic Initiatives at BronxConnect, who will discuss the digital transformation of the organization.

Advancing Your Non-profit:
How a Connected Technology Platform Can Empower Your Organization to Do More Good

Wednesday, February 2, 2022 | 11:00 AM PST/2:00 PM EST – 12:00 PM PST/3:00 PM EST


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