Bid goodbye to errors – Now Undo & Restore changes in Dynamics 365 CRM records with just a single click!

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Let’s face it – there is always some kind of inaccuracies in Dynamics 365 CRM data due to human mistakes. It can be typos, spelling mistakes, entering data into the wrong fields, importing wrong data, and so on.

Hard to believe?

Then here are some interesting figures that reinforce this fact -

  • 60 records are updated per day in CRM; 300 per week
  • Around 25% of data entered contain critical errors
  • 100$ is the cost borne by the company for each inaccurate CRM record

So now the question is – What can be done to minimize the impact of inaccuracies caused by human mistakes?

The simple solution is to implement checks and measures in the form of automation apps that helps to undo human errors as quickly as possible. This will reduce the impact of error, save time and minimize the cost borne by the company.

And this is where Click2Undo comes in!

Being a Microsoft Preferred App, Click2Undo is geared to ensure a smooth sailing path for every Dynamics 365 CRM user by dealing with human errors, data inaccuracy, and restoring lost data.

Because with Click2Undo, you can -

Undo recent changes in CRM records:

Humans make mistakes. Often times due to haste or multitasking mistakes tend to happen. Sometimes wrong customer data will be updated or existing data will be deleted by mistake. But the trouble is that it takes a lot of time and effort to undo them. But with Click2Undo, this has become quite easy. In such situations, just one click on the ‘Click2Undo’ button will undo the changes that you have mistakenly made and restore the data to its previous state. It is quite similar to clicking ‘ctrl+z’.

Undo changes in multiple records at once:

Rectifying one or two errors in a record is not that time-consuming but if there are errors in multiple records then it would be both tedious and time-consuming to rectify each and every record. This may happen while importing data in bulk and multiple records get overwritten. With Click2Undo, such situations can be easily handled. You just have to select the multiple records and click on the ‘Click2Undo’ button and the records will be restored to their previous known state.

Restore History Data in CRM:

There is a limit to undoing changes by using ‘Crtl+z’. You can only undo recent changes but what about the changes that have been made in the past week or past month. Is it possible to undo those changes and restore the record to its previous state? With Click2Undo, it is possible. You have to just click on the ‘History’ button on the record and a list of all changes made to the record for the past month is displayed on the screen. From this list, you can select the change made a couple of weeks ago and click on the ‘Undo’ button to restore it.

Retrieve Lost Record(s) in CRM:

There were situations when records have been accidentally deleted from Dynamics 365 CRM.  And it always took a considerable amount of time and effort to retrieve those records. However, with Click2Undo this is just a piece of cake! You have to just go to the ribbon bar and click on the ‘Restore Deleted’ button which will display a list of all deleted records on the screen. From this list, you have to select the record that has been deleted accidentally and click on the ‘Restore’ button. Within seconds the deleted record is restored to its previous state in the system.

So, what say? Doesn’t Click2Undo save you a lot of trouble?

Then without wasting time, just go to our website or Microsoft AppSource and download the 15-day free trial of this amazing 1 Click productivity app.

Also, check out these amazing videos of our other popular 1 Click productivity apps – Click2Clone and Click2Export!

For more information or a personal demo feel free to mail us at

Until then – Bid goodbye to all the mistakes with just a single click!


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