Your first Dynamics 365 consultation - make the most of it!

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Your first Dynamics 365 consultation - make the most of it!

Busy is an understatement! That spreadsheet that you have been using just isn’t cutting it, or – that software you purchased to help you keep track of clients and accounts was great at first but now its falling short of your growing – and industry specific - business needs. A flourishing new enterprise comes with its own growing pains. You need to get you and your team – streamlined, organized - and FAST. You are ready to take the plunge – and want to make the most of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultation.

How do you obtain your leads

Where are your leads coming from? Are your leads coming from your website, are your purchasing lists? Whatever the source, you want clean leads in your system for your sales team to tackle. It might be exciting to upload a huge Excel into your shiny new system, but talking with your consultant about adding origin ‘tags’ and other filter options, and ownership defaults will help your sales team churn through and get those opportunities started!

What is your sales lifecycle like?

What kind of customer engagement signals to you that the deal is moving forward? Do you require an NDA? Does your business draft unique contracts or do you have a standard template? Are the execution dates of those documents meaningful for your sale? Document Management is easy with Dynamics. Which bring us to another file type – Sales Collateral! You will want to notate what has been sent to the client, and potentially signed, to help you measure...

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