Insider Tip: Microsoft Dynamics 365 is Not the Only CRM Option from Microsoft

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Many people think that Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the only CRM option available from Microsoft. But I can let you in on a little insider's secret.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is built on a platform that includes Microsoft PowerApps and Power Automate. Why is that important? Because we can use those tools to build just about anything we want, including a “mini” CRM. A CRM built on PowerApps can have the same look-and-feel as Dynamics 365, minus all the stuff that most people don’t use anyway, like quotes, orders, and invoices. It can track essential things like customers, contacts, opportunities and activities. Then you can get creative, and build as many additional apps and features as you want. For example, a mobile app to track time. Or an email notification to the Billing Department when you win a job. Or a secure web portal for customer access. And it will cost you considerably less than $95/month.

A slimmed down, highly customizable, affordable alternative to Microsoft Dynamics 365 that is still built on Microsoft technology.

If you don't want to spend $95 per user (and that's just the base price) for all of your people to use Dynamics 365, you have options. One option is our very own CRMPlus365.

Mind you, this is not a poor man's CRM. In fact, it’s better, because a CRM built with Power Apps can be set up to fit your business process to a tee. Then, if your company and business needs change, you can easily upgrade the full Microsoft Dynamics 365 product. You are already using the same database, so it is not a difficult transition.

One small business that I worked with was only using Microsoft Dynamics 365 to track customers and phone calls. They were not using marketing, or quotes or case management. They just needed a place to "keep their stuff" (Companies, Contacts, Activities). Yet they were spending almost $1000/month on licensing for ten users. We were able to get that price down to $300/month for the same ten users!

If you are only using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales, there are other options.

If you want to manage email marketing, a call center and service cases you may want to use the full Microsoft Dynamics 365 product. However, nine out of ten clients I talk to only use Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. For most of them, the full product is overkill. They end up paying for a lot of features they are not using. And a system that is too complicated causes frustration for everyone.

On the other hand, using Microsoft technology definitely has its advantages. The Microsoft platform strong, stable, and secure. Many organizations like the consistency of staying with one product line. And one of the biggest advantages of a CRM system from Microsoft is it works very well with Microsoft Outlook. Most employees, especially salespeople, live in Outlook. Every day, all day. A CRM tool built on Microsoft technology can sync with Outlook in a way that other tools can not.

If you are interested in learning more about an affordable Dynamics 365 alternative, built on the Microsoft Power Platform, let's start the conversation.

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