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Businesses everywhere strive to improve their marketing efforts. A Large part of an organization's marketing efforts is producing effective email campaigns, and the right content within those emails. One way to simplify dynamic email creation is to store email templates on a record inside of Dynamics 365 Marketing. This was an especially helpful approach for one of JourneyTEAM's clients as JourneyTEAM developers streamlined their communications within their vast network of non-English speakers and interpreters.  

A little bit of set-up using Power Automate flows made life much easier for everyday users on the front-end. Training everyday users on how to adjust the email templates was fairly simple. all  they had to do was update the fields contained on the original record.  

First, the setup 

First, the emails need to be set up. The fields in Dynamics can be rich text enabled, which brings over the html when retrieved. Then you can create a flow using the logic of which fields on the record need to be pulled into the email, and then the email is assembled with this information in the proper order. Emails can also contain dynamic content, and a WYSIWYG editor allows for even greater control of how the email appears.  

Then, the execution 

The emails are sent through Microsoft Outlook. The Outlook connector in Power Automate can be used to send approvals using simple button response options. The email template itself is stored on a record. All the fields needed for an email template are stored, in this business case, on the language record. This greatly simplifies the process as our client only needed to edit data on a record, and there was no need to edit the flow. The email content is dynamically populated based on functions and variables in the flow that was previously created. 

On the receiving end, the target audience receives an email that is clean, easy to read and can provide a response. Some emails featured approval buttons, making the response process for both sender and recipient much easier. 

Improve your marketing emails by working with JourneyTEAM. Contact a representative, today!

Check out the video below for a brief demo!


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