Going Online with Dynamics 365

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Going Online with Dynamics 365


Are you stuck with a legacy Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premise system? As Microsoft phases out these antiquated applications, a migration path to the cloud can seem daunting. A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud migration is not a traditional server "lift and shift", and requires the experience of a certified team who specializes in these migrations.  Keep reading if you find yourself asking the question: How Do I Migrate to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud?

What is the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud business applications are intelligent solutions that supply a comprehensive view of an organization’s business. These prebuilt solutions are inter-connected by data and intelligence and utilize all the Microsoft Power Platform technologies.
There are many advantages migrating to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud, which include:

  • Access to native Microsoft integrations and features not included in the legacy Microsoft CRM.
  • Automated application and feature upgrades.
  • Automated infrastructure, hardware, operation system and application maintenance

What is Beringer's Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud migration process?

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud migration process allows Beringer to evaluate your existing processes and take advantage of the latest technologies that you are not currently leveraging. This process is critical for a successful migration because we commonly find that heavily customized legacy Microsoft CRM systems can be reimplemented using supported native and managed technology. We also find that the custom code used in a legacy Microsoft CRM system is not supported in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud and needs reengineering for cloud compatibility. This process will ensure that your investment will leverage the latest supported Microsoft technologies...

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