How Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Helps Overcome Three Big Sales Challenges

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Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM is a feature-rich solution that goes beyond traditional CRM to streamline administrative processes in your sales, marketing, and service divisions. It can help your sales team stay focused, boost productivity, and build customer trust.

Your sales team needs to be selling, not spending time on mundane but necessary administrative tasks. Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM can automate processes to help overcome three significant sales challenges facing your team.

Challenge 1:  Maintaining a unified database of customers and prospects

Knowledge of your customers is a powerful sales tool. Insight based on the data about your customers and prospects can help you build effective strategies for growing revenue. It can also serve as a catalyst for more effective account planning and cross-team collaboration.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a convenient, accessible, and intuitive application designed to manage all the relationships important to your business.  Dynamics 365 integrates CRM with your ERP accounting system giving your team access to order summaries. They can use that information to cross-sell or up-sell products across your customer base.

Your sales team will have the insights needed to thrive when you connect their data and processes with intelligent business applications.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps you understand your leads, opportunities and reports better, all while leveraging AI to provide quick insights and actionable data to help you win more deals.

Challenge 2: Efficient sales pipeline management

Without a reliable, easy-to-use method for pipeline management, your sales reps will be chasing the wind. To reach their sales goals, they must have a way to track key information and establish a consistent sales process with pre-defined workflows.  Clear visibility into where each prospect stands in the sales cycle will let your reps know what actions to take next. They can streamline the qualification process using Workflows in Dynamics 365 and ensure that appropriate processes are followed at each stage of the sales cycle.

Challenge 3: Increased productivity for sales reps

Spending hours each day on administrative tasks cuts into the time your team can spend on income-producing contact with customers. It drains productivity and energy and contributes nothing to your bottom line. These chores are necessary but don’t add value, so they should be done as efficiently as possible. Streamlining your processes by automating them will help your team be more productive and ultimately more successful.

  • Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 right from within Microsoft Outlook boosts a salesperson’s productivity.  They can use Personal Views, Preview Panes, Most Recently Used lists, as well as tracking inbound and outbound emails to records in CRM with a few clicks.  There is no need to switch between applications.
  • Integration with Microsoft Excel provides a simple way to manipulate, summarize, and report data that can be maintained with a bi-directional sync between CRM and Excel.
  • Microsoft Word can be employed for personal mail merge templates, and workflows can automatically set follow-ups or alerts for next steps and critical events.

Crowe has helped countless organizations employ best practices and sales tools that make them more efficient and effective in their selling processes.  We understand the features and functionality that are important to sales teams.  We also recognize the common pitfalls and challenges that hinder user adoption and organizational acceptance of a CRM solution.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is our only CRM technology focus.  We know our clients value the familiar user interface, seamless integration with Microsoft Office, customization flexibility, platform scalability, and its various deployment options.  Microsoft Dynamics 365 is simply the best CRM technology investment for any organization looking to implement an efficient, effective sales strategy.

If you’re looking to boost productivity through your CRM solution, look no further. We’ve got the tools and expertise you need.

To learn more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, contact our experts at Crowe.

By Ryan Plourde, Crowe LLP,

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