Why IT firms love Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Like any other industry, IT firms face specific challenges: simultaneous projects, quick business growth, complex timelines, to name only a few. And yet IT firms sometimes hesitate to invest in proper business management tools. Instead, they tend to rely on their internal expertise, but even that can’t replace a specialized platform. Case in point: we implemented the CRM solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 internally a few years ago, and would never go back! Here a few benefits IT firms can enjoy with Dynamics 365.

Better access to information

By centralizing client and information, Dynamics 365 facilitates access to data for all users. Knowledge transfer is facilitated, our service team can better assist customers, and our sales team has all the data it needs to increase its performance.

More leads and opportunities

Dynamics 365 has also improved our marketing practice. Dynamic marketing lists make it easier to reach clients and prospects with personalized, relevant communications. Nurture campaigns ensure we stay in touch with clients and prospects alike and that they don’t forget about us.

Better sales performance

As mentioned above, our sales team has increased its performance with Dynamics 365. Thanks to better visibility on the sales pipeline, they’ve improved tracking of both existing clients and business development, ensuring that we don’t miss any opportunities.

Optimized processes

We love all the workflow options that Dynamics 365 provides. By automating and streamlining processes, we’ve been able to facilitate the daily tasks of our team. This reduces manual manipulations and the risk of errors, and makes sure no step is skipped by mistake.

Improved productivity and collaboration

Finally, another of our favourite things is the integration between Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 (Office). SharePoint makes it easy to share and collaborate on documents, and the integration with Outlook and Teams lets users perform multiple tasks without having to constantly between different applications.

Implementing Dynamics 365 within our IT firm has changed the way we work, for the better. If your IT firm is growing, consider implementing a platform like Dynamics 365 to streamline processes and facilitate user access to data and tools. For more information, read more about how IT firms can benefit from a fully integrated platform like Dynamics 365.

By JOVACO Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 specialist in Quebec


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