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Dynamics 365 CRM is one of the finest applications used by organizations across the world for managing customer relationships. Team productivity have improved drastically because of the implementation of Dynamics 365 CRM within various departments of organizations. When wielded correctly, CRM is quite a powerful tool but when it is handled poorly, it becomes blunt and useless. This is because when CRM is introduced, it takes time for most of the users to fully adapt to it. With effective monitoring and guidance, the amount of time taken by the users to adopt this system can be substantially reduced. But it is hard to manually monitor, review, and determine how each user has adapted to the system.

So now the question arises – Apart from manual monitoring, is there an alternative way to monitor and review Dynamics 365 CRM user adoption?

Yes! It can be easily achieved with the help of our popular Dynamics 365 CRM monitoring app – User Adoption Monitor!

Being a Microsoft Preferred App, User Adoption Monitor will help you to -

Periodically track user actions in CRM

User Adoption Monitor enables periodic tracking of user actions with which you can easily track the progress of your team members. To determine the adaptability of CRM users, it becomes necessary to monitor various operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete, Win, Qualify Lead, etc.) over a period of time. Daily, weekly, or monthly monitoring of these actions or operations will give an overall insight into how well users are adapting to CRM in their daily work life.

Seamlessly monitor CRM user activities

Login/Logout and Check-in/Check-out features of User Adoption Monitor can help you to keep track of time invested in CRM records by each user i.e. specific time invested in specific records by specific users. This would provide a clear picture of how each user is utilizing time in CRM. If a user is lagging behind or facing difficulties in adapting to CRM, then you will be in a position to take proactive measures before it’s too late.

Effortlessly track targets and goals in CRM

Target tracking and Aggregate tracking features of User Adoption Monitor can be effectively used to set job performance goals or targets in CRM. Even if it is posting a monthly or weekly sales target, the users will have to quickly adapt to CRM to handle their work smoothly. And when there is a competition, the natural urge to excel helps the users to overcome their initial shortcomings in handling CRM. It would also further serve as a medium to assess the performance of users in the long run.

Maintain Data Quality in CRM

Maintaining data quality is of utmost importance, and CRM is intended to support that goal by maintaining accurate customer information and keeping it within reach. However, if users are not proficient enough in using CRM, then the risk of incomplete customer data rises. To avoid such situations, the CRM solution should have checkpoints that alert the users about the completeness of their data. Data Completeness feature of User Adoption Monitor can help you to achieve this feat quite easily.

Quite intriguing, isn’t it?

This is not all! When it comes to User Adoption Monitor, there is more than meets the eye!

So grab this opportunity to learn more about this amazing monitoring app by downloading 15 days free trial of User Adoption Monitor from our website or Microsoft AppSource. Also, check out our video library for a quick review of all these amazing features.

And feel free to connect with us at for personal demo or any user adoption requirements.

Until then – Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!

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