Webinar: Real-Time Tracking, Multi-Search in PCF, Multi-Address Plotting to improve On-Field Productivity with Maplytics January 2022 Release!

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According to a study - “The companies with the most advanced analytical capabilities can take business decisions five times faster than their competitors.”

Data visualization enables business professionals to gain insights quickly and comprehensively. These insights can be employed to take appropriate decisions and thereby accomplish business objectives. With an aim to completely leverage the full potential of data visualization, Maplytics has come up with new enhancements in its Jan 2022 release.

A Preferred app on Microsoft AppSource, Maplytics is a geo-analytical mapping that has been fulfilling the CRM mapping needs of business organizations worldwide. In our Jan 2022 release, our primary focus has been on tracking of Field Reps, redefining the data visualization experience, and assisting users in successfully executing business operations directly from the map.

So click on the link below and book your seat.

Real-Time Location of Reps and Better Data Insights with Maplytics Jan 2022 Release!
February 9, 2022 | 11 AM US Eastern Time

Here is the list of features that will be discussed in the webinar:

Real-Time Tracking –Sales Managers can monitor Field Reps when they are out on field in real-time. Besides, managers can also visualize the day’s travel plan, routes followed as well as the travel history of the Reps.

Multiple Address Support for Entity – Users can get an integrated view of the CRM Records having more than one address on the map.

PCF - Multiple layering on Map – Perform multiple searches in PCF from the CRM page itself and visualize the resultant data as layers.

Route to a Record – Automatically plot an optimized route from the current GPS location of the on-field Rep to a client’s location.

Show Entity image on Hover/Click of Record – View the image of a record on hover and in tooltip card to easily recognize your records.

Individual map enhancement – Update the address of a CRM record by pushpin drag, choose up to five default relationships for an entity and add new attributes on hover of a related record.

Don’t miss out to explore these new features. And yes, in case you are unable to attend, you can still register to get a recording of our session on your mail.

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Meanwhile, you can download Maplytics from our website or from Microsoft AppSource to check how its unique features like auto-scheduling, optimized routingterritory management, etc. can help you reach your sales objectives. You can also contact crm@inogic.com to get a one-on-one demo for your mapping needs.

Map your growth with Maplytics – Do Register today.

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