The Best Commission Calculation Tool for Insurance Agencies and Benefits Brokers

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We want to help insurance agencies and benefits brokers streamline commission calculation and drive productivity with Crowe BenefitsBridge. This CRM solution is easy-to-use and fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

How could the commission tracking capabilities of Crowe BenefitsBridge benefit you?

Easily Access Your Commission Schedules

With Crowe BenefitsBridge, you can access all commission schedules associated with a policy right at your fingertips. Open a currently active schedule to view the details, including:

  • Effective dates
  • Total premium
  • Payment frequency
  • Commission type

Customize Commission Calculation

Within a schedule, tailor commission calculation to your preferences. Options include:

  • Flat rate amount
  • Per employee Per Month
  • Graded schedules- allowing users to specify different percentages or a dollar amount based on the premium, covered lives, or how long the policy has been in effect

Distribute Commissions Your Way

Choose how you would like to distribute commission payments. In the example below, the house will receive 60% of the commission payment, and the producer, Betty Broker, will receive 40%. You also have an option to apply a split template if you’d like.

Project Payment Schedule

Crowe BenefitsBridge is able to automatically create an expected commission payment schedule.

The incoming payments grid shows payments you can expect to receive for the life of this schedule, along with the expected commission amount.

The outgoing payments grid shows how each of those incoming payments will be distributed, which you also have the ability to customize.

Need to update the commission percentage?

Crowe BenefitsBridge will inform you that projected incoming payments are not accurate and need to be updated. Simply click “Build Projections” and it will update both the incoming and outgoing payments to reflect any changes made to the commission percentage.

Inputting a New Commissions Payment in Crowe BenefitsBridge

What can you expect to see when you receive the first commission payment from a carrier? You can easily track the payment in Crowe BenefitsBridge and apply it to the correct policies.

First, go to Payments and click New.

Enter the basic payment information:

  • Payer
  • Amount

Crowe BenefitsBridge will show all open incoming payments that match the payer and date information specified. Here you can find the entry that the commission payment was for and apply the amount paid directly into the grid.

Track Expected Payments

Crowe BenefitsBridge calculates the difference between the actual commission and what is expected to be received.

You can also track the actual premium the commission was paid against. If you receive a payment that was for multiple policies, you can easily apply the money across different incoming payments.

Add Adjustments as Needed

Receive an unscheduled payment? Such as a bonus? No problem. Simply use the Add Adjustment button to add it to the commission schedule.

Final Outcome

Back on the commission schedule page, you will now see the payments that have been made.

Under Outgoing Payments, you will see the actual payment that will be made. In our example, Betty Broker will get $977.50 and the house will receive $1,466.25.

Applying Multiple Payments

Using the Crowe BenefitsBridge commission payment import feature, you can upload a spreadsheet to Crowe BenefitsBridge and let it do the work of matching and applying each payment.

It will automatically match the imported statement to the correct policy and billing date and let you know if there are any payments that can't be automatically matched.

Make Your Life Easier

Commissions calculations and tracking is a time-consuming and tedious process. If you are an insurance agency or benefits broker, why not take advantage of the tools available? Crowe BenefitsBridge automates these processes and is designed to save you significant time and money.

Visit our website for a more in-depth look at the features of Crowe BenefitsBridge, including demo videos.

Learn more about Crowe CRM for Insurance Brokers on Microsoft Appsource.

By Ryan Plourde, Crowe LLP,

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