Finally a CRM System Built Specifically for Independent Sales Reps

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Traditionally, CRM systems are built for the sales team within a company.

Independent sales reps are a specific niche that has been underserved. The CRM systems I have seen that were built for independent sales reps use old, outdated technology. Anyone remember Lotus Notes?

As an independent sales rep, you, and your company, don’t own any products. You don’t manufacture anything. You are just hired to sell things. It could be electronics, plumbing supplies, building supplies. Every product has a sales rep industry, and all they do is sell other people’s products.

You need a CRM system that does one thing – helps you sell more.

CRMPlus365 for Sales Reps

CRMPlus365 for Sales Reps is built on Microsoft technology and lives in the Cloud, which means it is easy to access and easy to maintain.

CRMPlus365 for Sales Reps has all the core functions that every CRM system has - customers, contacts, activities – but it is customized for just what sales reps need.

For example:

  1. The ability to track Design Wins
  2. A mechanism to easily import commission data from various Principals.
  3. An easy way to see Orders, Invoices, and POS data for Customers and End Customers on a single screen.

You could use Salesforce if you want, but you would be spending a lot of money on a lot of features you will never use. And you would still need customization to get it to do what you need for your industry.

For example, CRMPlus365 for Sales Reps can take data from your commission calculation program, which is not CRM. This system is tracking:

  • Customer
  • Principle
  • Distributor
  • Product
  • Amount
  • Purchase date

We can take all the information and push it into your CRM system so it is tied directly to the customer record.

Say you have 20 people using CRM. One person is doing all the commission calculations for you. Instead of calling that person all the time, looking for reports, we are taking that data and just marrying it right into the CRM, making the data available.

When a sales rep is talking to a customer, they can see all the data sitting right there in CRM. The rep could look at:

  • All recent purchases made
  • How many times a specific product has been purchased
  • How much the customer has spent
  • Have they bought anything from us in the last six months?

This gives a sales the ammunition they need to sell more.

CRMPlus365 for Sales Reps is a simple yet powerful system that is easy to use but gives you exactly the data you need to be able to sell more.

Learn more about CRMPlus365 for Sales Reps.

If you are an independent sales rep looking for a CRM system, let’s talk about CRMPlus365. Schedule a Strategy Session today.

By Steve Pestillo, P2Automation,

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