Adjust to Ad-Hoc Meeting Changes while on Field with Maplytics within Dynamics 365 CRM on your Mobile!

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Adjust to Ad-Hoc Meeting Changes while on Field with Maplytics within Dynamics 365 CRM on your Mobile

Sales Team plays the most consequential role in the overall business growth of an organization, besides they are primarily responsible to build trust between customers and the organization. This is why; Sales Team is rightly called the backbone of every business. For the Sales Team to be successful in today’s cut-throat competitive world, it is essential to equip them with the latest innovative tools.

While carrying out the daily responsibilities; at times, the Sales team may need to cater to the urgent needs of the prospects. Meetings that significantly influence the business need to be urgently scheduled in many critical situations, such as severe customer-impacting concerns or a time-sensitive issue. Further, giving a prospect adequate time can sometimes make the difference between closing a deal or losing it. With the lack of right tools to meet the business needs, opportunities can slip away.

The unique features of Maplytics can help to fulfil the urgent needs of the customers and prospects alike and win them. A preferred app on Microsoft AppSource, Maplytics fulfils the geo-analytical needs of businesses around the world. Its unique features have been assisting sales team in a number of ways to grow their business and reach their sales goals. These features of Maplytics can be used by the Field Reps from any location owing to its seamless ability to adapt to mobile devices. Maplytics available on Dynamics 365 Sales mobile App can be used by Sales Reps to visualize their CRM data and become locationally intelligent. With this, the Reps can perform the tasks assigned to them right from the field.

Sales Teams can utilize the functionalities of Maplytics to make ad-hoc changes in their daily routine. Here is how the unique features of Maplytics can benefit your Field Sales Team:

Real-Time Tracking to move on to the lead

Real-time tracking feature aids the organizations to measure the sales performance of the Reps. It allows them to visualize the routes assigned to the Reps to be followed on a particular day to meet the customers and also the route that is being travelled by the Reps in real-time. In case, sales manager needs to move on to a new lead and schedule an urgent meeting with the lead, then the manager can view the real-time location of all the Reps with Maplytics and thereafter direct the nearest Rep from the prospect’s location to visit him. Therefore, this feature can help to schedule an urgent meeting in quickest time and stand upon the requirements of the prospects in the most productive way possible.

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Proximity Search to fill the gap in the schedule

Suppose a Rep is having some idle time at hand due to the cancellation of an appointment, and he needs to urgently schedule another meeting before his next appointment. In that case, he can use the Proximity Search feature of Maplytics to schedule a new meeting. Proximity Search will allow the Reps to find nearby customers on a map around a particular location. Users can look for nearby Dynamics CRM records on a map for up to three proximity values around a certain area. In addition, with the Jan 2022 release of Maplytics, users can perform proximities searches from multiple locations on a map to gain locational awareness of the records.

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Create a Record- anytime, anywhere

Sales Reps are always on the lookout to hunt new leads to increase their sales. It may happen that a Rep finds a new lead when he is on the way to meet a client. Then, he needs to create a record from the field itself so that he can connect with that lead, later on, to convert him into a customer. Using Maplytics, the Rep can create a record for that new lead on the map within a few seconds by right-clicking on the location of the company on the map. Leads can be added in Dynamics 365 CRM on the go with Maplytics.

Find a POI Location from the Field

Let’s suppose, your rep is on his way to reach a client’s office address, but at the last moment, the customer asks to meet at a nearest coffee shop instead of office. In that circumstance, the Rep needs to wander hither and thither in the city to search for a coffee shop. No worries with Point of Interest location feature of Maplytics, the Rep can get the location of all the nearby coffee shops on the map at his fingertips. This feature can also be used to find a restaurant, airport, or gas station and improve on-field productivity.

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Therefore, Maplytics can be a partner for the sales team to adjust their schedule according to requirements and maintain a healthy relationship with the clients. It can provide a competitive advantage to the Sales Team, increase their productivity, and aid them to close more deals.

You can also try Maplytics for other features like Territory Management and Auto Scheduling. Territory Management helps to evenly distribute the workload of the Reps, while Auto Scheduling ensures that your Reps always stay on time. Download Maplytics for a free trial of 15 days from our website or Microsoft AppSource. Start a free trial today to check if Maplytics fulfills your mapping requirements. You can contact to get a demonstration of our unique features.

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