Why choose Dynamics 365 as your CRM system in 2022?

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Are you dealing with unmanageable spreadsheets and disconnected processes? Or perhaps your current CRM system is clunky and creates more problems than efficiencies?

Disconnected processes often lead to duplicated efforts and create a lack of transparency throughout businesses. If your information is siloed, team members may struggle to find the data they need, and the same information may need to be input in multiple places. This also makes it harder to manage security and protect data.

An outdated system often provides a poor experience for end-users who have to complete repetitive, time-consuming tasks. Inevitably, this has a negative impact on service quality and team productivity. Whilst this technology may have met your requirements when first implemented, its lack of scale and flexibility may now be an obstacle to future growth.

How Can Dynamics 365 Benefit Your Business?

Dynamics 365 connected modules provide organizations with a CRM solution that is highly scalable, efficient and widely supported.

Get Closer to Your Customers

Provide a consistent service to your customers, with guided workflows and intelligent automation that help delight customers, and make it easier for users to capture the relevant data and make the best decisions.

With a centralized location for all your business data, users will have a clearer view of your customers, be able to personalize interactions and build stronger relationships with clients. Having this single source of truth also means you can provide a more responsive service and better anticipate needs.

Automate Your Processes

With Microsoft’s innovative technology and some creative thinking, Dynamics 365 can be customized to connect processes and replace manual tasks with smart automation, ensuring consistency in line with your business rules. Saving your team from boring repetitive work keeps them happy, makes better use of your resources, and increases the speed of operations.

Define triggers that will start an automation sequence to ensure timely, efficient action across many scenarios. Whether it’s a lead being qualified, a brochure downloaded from your website, a support case being logged, there are numerous ways how Dynamics 365 can quickly transform your processes.

Protect Your Business Data

Data stored in spreadsheets, offline documents and multiple standalone apps create a data security headache as it’s harder to regulate their usage, backup data and ensure the relevant security policies are in place.

Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform unifies data in a single, secure cloud location, allowing better control over data protection processes, compliance policies and user access rights.

Microsoft invests over $1 billion in research and development a year, to ensure all their products are secure universally, with flexible security models that can be shaped around unique business needs. In Dynamics 365 you can enforce user access and privileges through role, record and field-based security controls, whilst having the peace of mind that all your data is hosted on Azure secure data centers worldwide, secured by multi-layered protection.

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Transform Your Reporting

Whether it’s monitoring sales performance, customer satisfaction ratings, marketing campaigns or lead conversions, with Dynamics 365 and Power BI you can create a data-driven culture that boosts business results.

With all your data in one place it’s easier to query data in real-time, use visualizations to uncover insights and make informed decisions. Rather than spending time bringing in data from multiple sources to compile reports, this enables nimble decision-making from trusted data.

View native, customizable dashboards to track key metrics within Dynamics 365. Power BI allows you to go a step further and create rich dynamic visuals to spot trends and highlight actionable insights, so you can proactively follow up.

Integrate Your Business Apps

The Microsoft Power Platform is the single platform for Microsoft Business Applications, including Dynamics 365 and Office 365. Since they all rest on this one platform, with a common data service (Dataverse), your data is stored in a standard format and ready to use across familiar apps. From Dynamics 365 and Outlook to SharePoint and Teams, your data can be easily accessed, shared and stored.

Within the Power Platform, in addition to Power BI visualizations, you have Power Automate to create powerful workflow automation, and Power Apps to develop connected applications that handle more scenarios and address business challenges.

Third-party apps and other data sources (such as LinkedIn, DocuSign and Xero) can also be integrated into your environment, allowing you to efficiently conduct business without interruptions.

Benefit From Flexible Pricing

With a range of licensing choices, you can make sure you’re only paying for what you need. This includes the option for a combination of user licenses to be purchased across a choice of subscription terms.

Pick and choose which CRM modules you require, and then decide on a user-by-user basis the level of access functionality that is needed. For infrequent users or those who only have light usage needs, a simple Team Member license may suffice, which reduces costs significantly.

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Make Continuous Improvements

Whilst a large custom-scope project may be a good fit for some organizations, many opt to start simply by deploying a solution with minimal customizations made to the out-of-the-box Dynamics 365 system.

After the initial launch, this is gradually developed and expanded to further improve performance. This is an especially popular option for organizations looking to minimize upfront costs, simplify adoption and secure quick wins.

Either way, Preact will support you in making continuous changes and adjustments, to boost CRM productivity and results, with our Elevate 365 managed service.

Microsoft is continually innovating and developing its technology and the capabilities of its products. With regular updates and two major releases each year, you can rest assured that your CRM system will continue to grow with you.

Next Steps…

Achieve your goals in 2022! Whether you’re looking to transform your processes around Sales, Customer Service, Marketing or Field Service, Dynamics 365 will support you in creating a data-centered culture, strengthening your client relationships, and allowing your team to boost productivity and performance.

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