Use Your CRM to Get Personal Using Views, Lists, Reminders and Rules

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Making your customers feel special is all about details - the personal touch. And that personal touch increases sales. You know CRM helps you communicate with your long list of customers, but you may not realize how you can leverage the system to reach your clients on a truly personal level.

In this fourth article in a series helping account managers drive more value with CRM, I'll give you four tools to streamline the personal touch.

#1 - Use Views to Narrow Your Focus

Your CRM system allows you to have all your client data at your fingertips. It's a lot to sift through, but views can help you hone in on those who need your attention now and help you make it personal for them.

For example, you could say, "List all the clients I haven't contacted in the last 90 days who spent more than $50,000 in products or services in the last year". With that view in place, you can easily see which accounts to check in with, make sure they are aware of new offerings that fit their needs and otherwise let them know they are important to you.

The possibilities are endless - you can slice and dice your customer data as much as you want, giving you fine-grained control and allowing you to truly personalize your approach.

#2 - Learn to Love and Leverage Marketing Lists

How many email advertisements do you trash or archive without ever reading beyond the subject line and the first few sentences? Many marketing emails are very general, so they don't resonate with their target audience.

But what if you received a message that says, "Hey, Peter, I haven't spoken with you for three months, and I remember you purchased product X last year. I just wanted to let you know that we now have product Y, and you can upgrade to that for no additional charge."

You just read the whole thing because it was speaking to you.

#3 - Stay Alert to the Customer Experience with Reminders

Reminders, when done right, are a powerful way to personalize your relationship with the customer. And let's face it, nobody has a perfect memory. Let Dynamics 365 do the remembering for you.

For example, after sending a quote, the system can remind you to follow up in a couple of days. Don't let that lead grow cold! Or, if follow-up is needed from another agent or department, set an automated reminder for the next person in the process to act, never letting the ball be dropped. This promotes not only follow-up but consistency across the entire team.

#4 - Lay Down the Ground Rules - Dynamic Parameters Cover all the Bases

Get as specific as you want. For example, set a rule that says, "if an A-level customer places an order, set a reminder on my calendar to follow up with them by phone in x days." You make sure they're happy, and they keep buying.

On the other hand, the approach can be different if it's a C-level customer (you know, the tire-kickers that ask lots of questions and hardly ever purchase). Of course, they should still receive attention, but rather than use up the account manager's precious time, they can receive an automated message from them based on a follow-up template you set up.

Honestly, there aren't enough hours in the day to personally contact every single customer. But rules and automated reminders help your account managers to focus their attention on the customers who deserve the most attention and activities that drive the most value and revenue for your organization.

Putting it into Practice

The key to using your CRM to communicate effectively is to balance mass contacts with personalized touches.

  • Decide on the audience you want to reach and build Views and Lists in Dynamics 365.
  • Document the follow-up steps and lay out a plan for automated Reminders with Rules.

If you are using or evaluating Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, Azamba Consulting Group can help you set up the system for efficient communications – personalized and streamlined.

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By Peter Wolf, Azamba Consulting Group,

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