Unify Disparate Systems in Your Enterprise with Intellective Unity for Dynamics

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Many established enterprises today have critical business content and data stored in several disconnected systems, creating process inefficiencies that can hamper employee productivity. In a perfect world, that content and data could all be migrated to a single, modern solution. But as you know, there are many circumstances that make such migrations either prohibitively expensive, or impossible. Wouldn’t it be great if you could view and interact with that content and data in one place, as if it were all part of one single system? That’s where Intellective Unity for Dynamics comes in, and we want to show you how it integrates with Dynamics 365.

Fully Customizable Dynamics 365 Experience

Intellective Unity for Dynamics

Look no further than Microsoft AppSource for the Intellective Unity for Dynamics component. Easily connect to the Unity app to pull your business data, enterprise content, and business process views into Dynamics. You have full control, via low-code/no-code tools, over where and how the content and data will be displayed to your users.

No-Hassle, Secure Data Access

The secret to integration success is our Unity technology – a lightweight application server that lives in any containerized environment on either side of the enterprise firewall. It comes ready to connect to many standard data sources, and through secure channels conveys that content to your Dynamics instance in the cloud. We strive to deliver a seamless experience; logins are configured ahead of time and managed so as not to pester users by diverting them away from Dynamics or with frequent authentication requests.

Your Content, No Matter Where it’s Stored

Intellective Unity for Dynamics

Connectivity is our specialty. Unify data from Microsoft SharePoint, OpenText, Box, IBM FileNet, IBM Content Manager and CMOD, Alfresco, CMIS compliant document stores, and more. Our experts can get you up and running quickly with the standard services, and even help you develop a plan for integrating legacy and custom content and data sources, so that nothing is left out.

Go With the Flow - Without Changing Applications

Intellective Unity for Dynamics enables 2-way data integration, allowing you to stay in Dynamics while handling common business processes. Are your business processes managed via IBM Case Manager and jBPM? No need to switch screens; right from your Dynamics dashboard you can see tasks, cases, and workbaskets. Take action on these, and the modifications are passed back to your ECM and/or BPM system, maintaining the integrity of your processes, content and data while making your workflow more efficient.

Search Everything

Intellective Unity for Dynamics can crawl, index, and join content and data sources to help you find answers quickly and see the bigger picture. Information is ingested and processed without affecting the originating systems, analyzed according to your specifications, and leveraged using AI to enhance filtering and relevancy of search results. Dynamics users receive useful information without concerning themselves with what specific source it came from.

Next Steps

Would you like to integrate your ECM and/or BPM systems with Intellective Unity for Dynamics? Our solutions have met the needs - and exceeded the expectations - of clients, large and small. Find out how to get started, get expert advice, and get professional design, implementation and post deployment support - contact us now!

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